Reds' Brandon Drury was snubbed for a 3rd time after Jake Cronenworth's addition to the All-Star roster

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Brandon Drury (22).
Cincinnati Reds third baseman Brandon Drury (22). / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it happened again. By my count, this is the third time that Cincinnati Reds infielder Brandon Drury has been snubbed in favor of a lesser performer. Jake Cronenworth was named to the National League All-Star roster after Jazz Chisholm pulled out due to a back injury.

It all started with William Contreras, who was named to the NL All-Star squad as a designated hitter. With Bryce Harper out due to injury, the Atlanta Braves catcher will start alongside his brother Willson Contreras. What a load of garbage.

Then, Miami Marlins' Garrett Cooper got the call over Drury to replace Harper on the roster. Seriously?! Saturday's addition of Jake Cronenworth is the latest snub, as the Padres' second baseman will replace Chisholm, leaving Drury off the roster all together.

Reds' Brandon Drury was snubbed for a third time.

Brandon Drury was not named to the National League All-Star team when the rosters were revealed last Sunday. Okay, I understand that one. Heck, Atlanta Braves' third baseman Austin Riley wasn't even named to the initial roster. Thankfully that wrong was righted after after Nolan Arenado bowed out of the Midsummer Classic.

The inclusion of William Contreras to the NL All-Star roster was all about having him start alongside his older brother Willson, and you can't convince me otherwise. William Contreras hasn't even played in 50 games this season.

Adding Garrett Cooper was yet another slap in the face to Brandon Drury. Cooper has eight home runs while Drury has 18. Cooper is slugging .441 while Drury has a slugging percentage of .528. Cooper has 40 RBIs while Drury has 52. Need I go on?

But adding Jake Cronenworth has put Brandon Drury's All-Star snub in full focus. There is not a single meaningful offensive category where Cronenworth holds the advantage over Drury. Drury has more homers, RBIs, a higher batting average, OPS, and OPS+.

It's honestly laughable at this point that Brandon Drury has not been named to the 2022 NL All-Star roster. The All-Star Game is, and always has been, a popularity contest. Drury's omission is further proof of that.

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