Brandon Drury should have made the All-Star team over Reds teammate Luis Castillo

Cincinnati Reds Brandon Drury
Cincinnati Reds Brandon Drury / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

While I'm truly happy that Luis Castillo is making his second trip to the All-Star Game, I'm severely disappointed that Brandon Drury was snubbed. If only one player from the Cincinnati Reds was able to be part of the National League All-Star team, it should have been Drury.

Castillo has pitched well this season. But when you put his stats up against the best pitchers in the league, he just doesn't have enough starts under his belt to be considered an All-Star. Especially when Carlos Rodón did not receive an invite to the Midsummer Classic.

The same is true of the undeserving William Contreras who will start the game as the NL's DH alongside his brother Willson Contreras. Brandon Drury should have easily gotten the nod over the Atlanta Braves catcher.

Reds' Brandon Drury should have made the All-Star team over Luis Castillo.

Each team must have at least one representative on the All-Star team. The powers that be got this one wrong. Let's just look at how Luis Castillo compares to some of the other pitchers who did not make the NL All-Star roster.

Castillo has started 12 games, pitched in 71 innings, has a WHIP of 1.099, an ERA of 2.92, and 74 strikeouts. When you look at San Francisco Giants' starter Carlos Rodón, the left-hander has a lower ERA and over 50 more punch outs on the season. Rodón also has five more starts and a lower WHIP.

Aaron Nola, another All-Star snub, has a slightly higher ERA than Castillo, but he's pitched in 40 more innings as well. Nola has 120 strikeouts and the Philadelphia Phillies hurler has one of the lowest WHIPs among starting pitchers. Plain and simple, while Reds Country may think of Luis Castillo as an All-Star, he should have been left off the roster.

Instead, Brandon Drury should have been the Cincinnati Reds lone representative. The former New York Mets infielder leads the team in home runs and is eighth in the league in that category. Drury's .873 OPS is 11th in the NL and he ranks sixth in slugging (.540).

Bradon Drury has more home runs than Nolan Arenado, more RBIs than Mookie Betts, fewer strikeouts than Kyle Schwarber, a higher batting average than Pete Alonso, a higher slugging percentage than Freddie Freeman, and a higher OPS than Juan Soto. He deserves to be an All-Star.

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