7 Reds players fighting for their futures ahead of 2024 season

This could be the last time these Reds players take the field in Goodyear.

Cincinnati Reds left fielder Stuart Fairchild (17) hits a home run
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Stuart Fairchild (17) hits a home run / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports
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Austin Wynns, C

It would be shocking to see the Reds carry three catchers on the Opening Day roster heading into the 2024 season. Tyler Stephenson has been hitting great this spring, and Luke Maile is firmly entrenched as the Reds backup catcher.

But Wynns has hit well this during Cactus League play. The veteran backstop has a 1.139 OPS with four hits in five games and the same number of walks (3) as strikeouts. Wynns is arguably the best defensive catcher in the organization.

Cincinnati had Stephenson, Maile, and Curt Casali on the active roster for about half the season in 2023, and while it seems unlikely they'd do that again, stranger things have happened. The Reds initially signed Wynns to a split-contract, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out as Opening Day approaches.

Nick Martini, Reds 1B/ OF

The Reds obviously value Martini. There were times throughout the offseason when it felt as though the veteran could've been handed his walking papers. Instead, the Reds waved goodbye to players like Daniel Duarte and TJ Hopkins in favor of keeping Martini on the 40-man roster.

Martini, much like the aforementioned Alex Young, has minor-league options remaining. Meaning the Reds can keep Martini within the organization even if he's not part of the Opening Day roster. But if the Reds see some talent during the next few weeks who they deem worthy of a roster spot, Martini's good fortune could run out.