MLB Playoffs: Reds fans, it’s time to start rooting for the Pirates

If he Reds want to make the MLB Playoffs, it’s time to root for the Pirates.

The Cincinnati Reds, yes, the Cincinnati Reds are in the midst of an actual playoff push in late September. The circumstances for this season are odd, yes. Regardless, it’s also odd that the Reds are just about a week away from wrapping up the season and are in serious contention to play in October. To make things a bit more odd, Reds fans are going to have to cheer for the Pirates.

Bear with me and don’t go into the comment section just yet. You’ll have plenty of time to disagree after you read every word on this page. The Cincinnati Reds just swept the Pittsburgh Pirates and are beginning to look like the team we were expected to look like before the season.

With that said, as they do, the Reds took too long to get going, and now they have to face two of the best teams in baseball in two of their final three series. The Chicago White Sox are up next and Cincinnati closes the 2020 season with three games at Minnesota versus the Twins. They’re going to need some help, and unfortunately, the Pirates look to be the best shot at said help.

Of the Pirates’ final 12 games, nine are against the Cardinals and Cubs. Currently, the Reds occupy the No. 6 seed in the MLB Playoffs with a 0.5 game lead over the Cardinals. Cincinnati trails Chicago by 5.5 games in the NL Central. In order for the Reds to “Take The Central”, they’ll need the Buccos’ bats to get going.

St. Louis is in the midst of pounding out doubleheaders and if there was ever a time to take advantage of them, it would be now. Pittsburgh has a new manager that I doubt is going to just mail in his first season before the final game. If the Pirates could get a series win versus the Birds on the Bat, that would be extremely fortuitous for Cincinnati.

Beating the Cardinals, that’s one thing; they’ve lost six of their last 10 games. The Pirates have defeated the Cubs just once this year. Let’s hope Colin Moran, Ke’Bryan Hayes and company get hot over the final week of the season. A series-split the series against the Cubs in the Pirates final homestand might be the best Reds Country can hope for.

Obviously, Cincinnati’s spot in the postseason, at this point, really comes down to what the Reds do. If David Bell’s group executes, there’s no need for this team to require the help of Pittsburgh. If Cincinnati is going to make a postseason push, they’ll have to do so without starter Sonny Gray who’s on the 10-day injured list.

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I don’t want to root for Pittsburgh, but we need ta few balls to bounce the Reds’ way. So, here we are in late September needing to root for the Pirates. Cincinnati must stay healthy and stay sharp. If the Reds can’t do the unthinkable and win their final nine games, winning every series would them in contention to make the MLB Playoffs for the first time since 2013.