Cincinnati Reds should stay cold this hot stove season

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The Rebuilding Reds

The Cincinnati Reds have been one of the several teams rebuilding. What comes with that is irrelevancy in the MLB. The team has lost plenty of games, but they have won on other fronts such as via trades or the amateur draft. The club has hit on several guys in the draft, such as Nick Senzel, who is a top prospect. He is one of a plethora of prospects that are close to the MLB for the Reds.

Going into 2018, the team has a young rotation. The only veteran projected in the starting five looks like Homer Bailey. The only other lock for a spot is 25-year-old Luis Castillo, as he tossed a 3.12 ERA in 89 1/3 innings of work. The team shut him down in the first week of September 2017. But other than those two, the Reds will audition pitchers in spring training.

On the offensive side, Joey Votto has been the staple for what has seemed like forever. Late bloomer Eugenio Suarez is an extension candidate. Also, second baseman Scooter Gennett had a surprising year, but no one should expect that production from him again. Outfielders Duvall and Hamilton are still under control but looked for them to be traded at some point.

The Cincinnati Reds trade winds

As usual, the offseason is full of interest and speculation. The Reds really haven’t been a huge part of that, other than the Billy Hamilton rumors. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on within the organization. The club made an effort to recruit Japanese star Shohei Ohtani. They have done what they can without mortgaging the future.

But, the team should pounce on any opportunity in trading their players or acquiring some. Look at the White Sox, they put a good offer down for one year of Manny Machado. Why, because they are willing to take “calculated risks“. White Sox GM Rick Hahn made that comment at this past Winter Meetings regarding trade speculation.

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This is exactly what the Reds should be doing: waiting in the weeds and then pouncing on an opportunity. Could the White Sox make a long-term move and call asking about Eugenio Suarez? Maybe. The article also talks about how the White Sox do not have the funds and glory of big-market teams, so they need to possibly overpay to get superstar talent. Cincinnati is certainly in that same situation.

The Cincinnati Reds patience is key

Patience is a virtue. With that said, calculated risks doesn’t mean making a win-now move. So, waiting for the right package of prospects in any trade is practical. Nothing huge has really happened, other than the Giancarlo Stanton trade and Shohei Ohtani signing. The Reds have several intriguing pieces to deal. It just depends if they’re happy with the return.

With the rebuild going so far so good, there is no reason to rush. The team should have several top prospects on stage in 2018, as well as more numbers from Joey Votto. These next two years look like a wash, but the future is bright. In talks with other teams, the consensus is that the Reds are asking for a ton in return.

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They should wait, considering cost-controlled players are a hot commodity. Just because the hot stove is freezing, doesn’t mean pour hot water on top of it.