Cincinnati Reds should lock up Eugenio Suarez long term

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The Cincinnati Reds have built up

The Cincinnati Reds have gone through the gruesome losses. The club has lost over 90 games three years in a row. But, the Reds have drafted well in recent seasons. Furthermore, the development of the youth has been crucial to their next great team. They are the ones that will hoist a long-awaited title in Cincinnati.

With that said, the team has guys like Hunter Greene, Nick Senzel, and Luis Castillo as notable players for the next generation. Also, Cincinnati has built a thorough farm system that has more quantity over quality in terms of impact talent. But, that shouldn’t take away the fact that the Reds have players to build around.

So fans should be happy about the progress of the team and where they are headed. Which is why evaluating what the current team has and which players who can help in the future is important. They already have some youth to latch on to, now they just need their prospects that are close to the MLB come up and gain experience.

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The Reds have one of the budding systems in the league. With that said, there is a sense that they are turning the corner to become relevant again. Also, the team has almost completed the rebuilding phase and are back to contention. With what the major league club offers right now, there is one player the Reds should extend.

The Cincinnati Reds diamond in the rough

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Third baseman Eugenio Suarez is a guy that wasn’t a familiar name when he was traded to Cincinnati. The Reds sent righty Alfredo Simon to Detroit in that trade. That was one of the key moves as part of the teardown period. The Tigers farm system has been one of the worst in the league. But, the Cincinnati was able to find a gem.

Since being with the Reds the infielder has been above average. In his three seasons with the team, the slugger has hit 60 homers. In 2017, the third baseman hit .260 with 26 home runs and 87 RBIs. That amounted to a 4.1 WAR, which means that a player is an All-Star. He has been a great value for a rebuilding club that is starting to develop the next great Reds team.

The club could weed out the trade market, but there are already problems with the lack of activity in free agency. The demand would be there, but the Reds would most likely not get the return they ask for. Suarez is only 26, so he is going into the prime of his career with three years of control left. Cincinnati has put a high ask on their trade chips, so the team is only going to except a haul.

Moneywise, Suarez has been worth $58.7 million dollars since playing in the MLB. That’s pretty impressive considering he’s only been there for four seasons. The Reds shouldn’t let him go in three years and not get value back. They should offer him an extension of about 6-years and $50-$60 million dollar range. Just this year alone the third baseman was worth $33.2 million.

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The Cincinnati Reds have a good upcoming core. They need to help them by adding veteran players and gel guys. The team already consist of some assets for the future and looks to be heading in the right direction. An extension for the third baseman Eugenio Suarez would be another shrewd move.