Cincinnati Reds have elite left-handed hitters at Great American Ballpark

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Since the Cincinnati Reds have moved into Great American Ballpark, their best hitters have been left-handed.

Think about the best Cincinnati Reds hitter since they moved into the Great American Ballpark.  Three come to mind immediately.  Adam Dunn, Ken Grffey Jr., and current Red Joey Votto are clearly the best three.

Dunn was the donkey before Zack Cozart.  He didn’t play the best left field, but he was an offensive machine.  Few were better at the three offensive outcome style before it became a theory.

Despite hitting more than 35 home runs in seven consecutive seasons, Dunn only made two All-Star Games.  He also led the league he was playing in in strikeouts four times and walks twice.  That includes 2012 when he led the American League in both with the Chicago White Sox.

Of course Junior is in the Hall of Fame and recently turned 48.  His best days were before the change over to GABP.  However, he was able to make two All-Star Games after the move to GABP.

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2007 was Griffey’s last elite year.  He played 144 games hitting 30 home runs and driving in 93. He batted .277 with an OBP of .372.

Griffey lead the American League in home runs four times and all of baseball in RBIs once.  He also led the AL in slugging percentage in 1997.  Griffey hit at least 20 home runs in each of his last four seasons with the Reds, when he was healthy and playing in GABP.

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The best player for the Cincinnati Reds in the history of Great American Ballpark is first baseman Joey Votto.

Votto has played his entire career at GABP.  This season he finished second in the National League MVP race by being an on-base machine.  No one mentions the impact that playing at GABP has had on his output.

This season, Votto led all of baseball in walks, OBP, and intentional walks.  He also lead the NL in OPS.  

He is a complete hitter on traditionally inconsistent team.

Votto, himself however, is not inconsistent.  He has received MVP votes in eight of the past nine seasons.  The only season he did not place in the MVP race was due to injury.

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Dunn, Griffey, and Votto, the three best hitters in the history of GABP, are all left-handed.  They are each unique in their approach to the game.  Each, though, has had the ability to carry the Reds’ offense for a time.