Cincinnati Reds should trade NL MVP runner-up Joey Votto

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The Cincinnati Reds rebuild

The Cincinnati Reds are still far away from contention. Everyone knows that. The team has dealt off several veterans in recent years to cut payroll and get younger. Furthermore, this organization is flux with youth now. Why stop? Continue the rebuild and start a new core and culture.

The Reds have one of the best farm systems in the league. Also, the club has done well in this past couple of drafts to really beef up the farm. With that said, keep going through with the complete tear down. They’ve already done it for a couple of years. Finish with a bang, don’t keep the fans suffering.

A big trade candidate in the MLB right now is HR leader Giancarlo Stanton. Furthermore, the Marlins have said that they want to cut payroll and acquire more youth in the organization. Personally, I think a Stanton trade is more likely than a Votto trade. Even though the Miami slugger is getting paid way more, he is also in the prime of his career.

Votto, on the other hand, is 34 years old. He still has six years and $150 million guaranteed, with a $20 mil option in 2024 and a $7 mil buyout. That could badly backfire on the Reds, as they are going to have a plethora of young players, and no money to support them with talent. This team kind of reminds me of the Detroit Tigers as they both have expensive first base guys on a rebuilding team.

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Obviously, the Reds are going to want an encouraging return for one of their best first basemen of all time. Same goes for the Tigers, except Cincinnati is MUCH farther along in their rebuild. The Reds should finish what they start, even if it means trading off the face of the franchise.

The Cincinnati Reds elite slugger

More from Joey Votto

Joey Votto could always hit for average and pop. Also, the left-handed power bat has a great eye. In 2017, the 1st baseman hit .320 with 36 home runs and 100 RBIs. By the way, he walked 134 times in 707 at-bats. That equates to a 19% walk percentage. His 11% K rate is the lowest of his career in the MLB. He never has a bad AB. Votto knocks guys in on scoring position. He can do anything.

When you look into the numbers, Votto is actually underpaid as the best player in the National League. I know that sounds like a lie when you get over $20 mil a year, but it’s true.

Over his whole professional career in baseball, Votto is worth $384.80 million dollars. That seems wrong, but in reality, the Reds have gotten a steal so far.

If the slugger played at any other position, there would be much more trade chatter. There aren’t many teams looking for a first baseman. Only about a handful of them. The demand for a 1st baseman is different from any other position. There are 3 names I’d watch out for, Eric Hosmer, Jose Abreu, and Carlos Santana. Those are three of the most prominent options that are available.

But if the Reds made Votto available, that would shake up the market a little bit. Same thing goes for Miggy. One major factor is the money, how much two teams are willing to pay. The Reds would be smart to bite most of the bullet to get quality assets in return. Especially since they have close to no major financial obligations. The team would be able to change the franchise over to a new stud, possibly Nick Senzel.

The Cincinnati Reds ideal trade partner

This team has been a natural fit. The Toronto Blue Jays are a club with several good players there even after a disappointing year. The club is looking for another middle of the order bat. Joey Votto fits that mold, and he will most likely waive his no-trade clause to go to his native land. The Reds would obviously have to eat a good chunk of salary, but they could end up with top prospects such as Nate Pearson and Logan Warmoth.

Also, the Reds could ask for a Major League ready piece in Anthony Alford who is a speedy outfielder with a developing bat. I know it may be disliked in a lot of fan’s minds. But look at it this way: Would you rather have Joey Votto for the rest of his career and never win anything, or trade Votto and actually watch a sustainable contender?

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Whatever the Reds do, they should be set up well for the future. The farm system is blossoming as well as a plethora of Major League ready arms. There isn’t much to complain about. But, this team could add a couple impact prospects if they traded their best player. The problem is the demand factor and the offset salary amount.

Look to the future with this team, because they aren’t going to win with Joey Votto still on it.