Cincinnati Reds should market Joey Votto better starting NOW

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds have the best player in the National League, but don’t act like it.

Maybe the Cincinnati Reds don’t want to mess with Joey Votto’s mojo.  Maybe they just aren’t a sophisticated organization.  More than likely they are kowtowing to the talent again.

Votto’s exceptionalism is well documented.  This site has referenced it repeatedly.  So have many secondary media outlets when discussing his second half last season and his run at the MVP this year.

The organization acts like Votto is only in town April to October.  If you believe the residents of his Indian Hill, Ohio, neighborhood, he is in town something like April through December.  Toronto in the winter isn’t fun even for a multi-millionaire.

Votto wants to be a recluse of sorts.  That is within his rights.  He quietly shows up to social engagements that are important to him where the media presence is minimal.

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That is not the issue at hand here.  Votto’s local society presence is not at fault.  As a private citizen and representative of the Reds Votto does well to show up where he needs to when he needs to fairly consistently.

What is at odds here is the way that the Reds promote him.  He is the best player in the National League.  The ads around town sure don’t make it feel that way.

The Cincinnati Reds should have Joey Votto plastered everywhere in the city and celebrate his greatness.

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Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals have deals with Subway.  So does retired Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard.  Howard guest starred on the Office next to the fictional character Ryan Howard seven years after winning the NL MVP.

Votto doesn’t have any notable endorsements.  That may be fine for him personally, but it slows down his legacy.  His legacy is shared with the fans.

When the Reds launched the All-Star voting in 2017, they focused on Zack Cozart.

Yes, Cozart was a deserving All-Star, but Votto is the best player in the National League.  Votto is a run creating machine.

No first-second base combo played more games next to each other in Reds’ history than Votto and Brandon Phillips.  Dat Dude got his press and his twitter handle publicized.  Meanwhile, Votto sat in the dugout and chatted with Jay Bruce.

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This off-season the Reds should start a campaign a la Heisman Trophy contenders.  They should push him as the 2018 MVP starting NOW.  Votto is too good of a player to squirrel away in a suburban mansion.