A Review on the Previews for 2011…and Other Tidbits

The first week of this month saw BRM launch its first ever season preview. We broke down the roster into four parts: infield, outfield, starters and bullpen. Some things have changed since then. The most prominent being the injuries to the starting staff. And there were a few surprises along the spring training road as well.

If you wish to revisit the posts, I have links for those right here! Simply click on the position you wish to review and you’ll be there!


Also, all the writers combined to provide a preview of each of the NL Central teams. Some weird things have happened over the last six weeks. There was also a wrap-up of the division previews that included predictions from the BRM staff. Here’s the links to each of the NL Central teams.

Wrap-up (w/predictions)

One of the aspects of the previews from the other NL Central teams that I felt made them was Justin’s selection of one player on each roster to watch for in 2011. Baseball fans are always wanting to know who could be that “guy” on their favorite team that could perform well for the upcoming season.

It’s always a difficult task to predict how a season will unfold. There are no guarantees how it will all play out, but I can guarantee these things for 2011:

1. The Reds/Cardinals rivalry will intensify regardless of each team’s position in the standings.
There’s no question that the Cards owned the Reds last season (12-6), but the Reds did win the division. I have a feeling that has left a somewhat bitter taste in the mouths of Cardinals fans. You can also jump on Twitter and see how fans for each team are already getting in the spirit. Same can hold true for comments left by readers from each fanbase.

2. The Reds are now obviously the hunted while the remainder of the division land the role of hunters.
Which would you rather be, the defending division champ or a team that had their 2010 season ending with no pennant? They say once you reach the top, there’s nowhere to go but down. It becomes a matter of sustenance.

3. The NL Central has the potential of becoming the best divisional race in all of baseball.
There are three teams that are viewed as having a legitimate shot at winning the division. There’s also one other that is considered as a sleeper (You determine in your mind who has which label). With that many teams seen as having a chance, the games within the division will prove to be even more pivotal. And that translates into exciting games as well.

As I was channel surfing last night, I caught a glimpse of Curt Schilling on ESPN. He believes the one guy to watch within the NL Central this season (to go along with Justin’s) is Jay Bruce. Bruce is no longer just “another player”. He is now being viewed as a star on the rise that could elevate to an even higher level.

For me, that could also be placed on the shoulders of Drew Stubbs. I don’t think he’s has scratched the surface on his talent and we could see the same exact rise from Stubbs that we have seen from Bruce.

With the first pitch now being just a tad more than 24 hours away, I’m getting jittery.

And I look out the window and see snow. That’s OK for today. The “Boys of Summer” return tomorrow.