3 reasons why trading Jonathan India makes absolutely zero sense

Jonathan India's name has emerged in trade rumors with about a week remaining until the August 1st deadline.

Cincinnati Reds infielder Jonathan India
Cincinnati Reds infielder Jonathan India / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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3. Reds rumors: Are other teams really interested in Jonathan India?

While this may come across as harsh, it's not meant to; how many teams are really in the market for a player like Jonathan India? India is limited to second base and has had, by the numbers, an average season at the plate.

India is hitting .251/.338/.411 with 14 home runs, 51 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases. Those aren't pedestrian numbers at all, but they're not All-Star quality either. India, while he's been hitting much better since the All-Star break, isn't producing at near the level fans saw back in April and May.

India is also an average to below-average defender at second base. According to Baseball Savant, India ranks 34 out of 44 second baseman with -2 outs above average (OAA). Per Fielding Bible, India's -5 defensive runs saved rank higher than just four other second baseman.

So how many teams are actually lining up to inquire about what it would take in order to swing a deal for Jonathan India? I'm guessing not too many. While Reds fans know what India brings to the table, the numbers don't measure intangibles like leadership, grit, hustle, and everything else that has made India a fan favorite in the Queen City.

You've also got the fact that India will be entering Year 1 of his arbitration window during the offseason. Would a rebuilding team want to take on player like India or might they prefer to negotiate about landing a prospect like Edwin Arroyo or Victor Acosta?

If you're a contending team and the Reds ask is a controllable starting pitcher, are you willing to part ways with a player who might actually help you win in the playoffs? That seems like a stretch.

I understand the concept of trading Jonathan India based clearly on the idea that the Cincinnati Reds have too many infielders and only so many at-bats to go around. From that angle, it makes sense. But it's hard to see many other reasons that the Reds should trade India before the August 1st deadline.

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