3 reasons why trading Jonathan India makes absolutely zero sense

Jonathan India's name has emerged in trade rumors with about a week remaining until the August 1st deadline.
Cincinnati Reds infielder Jonathan India
Cincinnati Reds infielder Jonathan India / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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2. Reds rumors: Cincinnati does not need another young, controllable starter.

Do the Cincinnati Reds need starting pitching at the trade deadline? If they hope to make some noise in the postseason, you could make the argument that they could. It would also greatly help out their exhausted bullpen to have another reliable arm that could give David Bell six-plus innings.

But with Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo on their way back, are the Reds in dire straits? I'd argue they're not. If Tejay Antone makes his return later this summer, that's another arm to add to the Reds relief corps as well.

Furthermore, let's lot at this with the long lens, shall we? Greene is locked up for the foreseeable future after signing a contract extension this past spring. Lodolo doesn't become a free agent until after the 2027 season. Graham Ashcraft, though he debuted last season as well, won't reach free agency until after 2028.

That's 60-percent of the Reds rotation under team control for at least another four years. This season, Andrew Abbott and Brandon Williamson made their debut. Both of those players will under team control for quite sometime moving forward.

On the farm, Cincinnati has Connor Phillips knocking on the door along with Christian Roa. Chase Petty is making a name for himself and so is Lyon Richardson. The Reds also drafted two college pitchers in Round 1 of the 2023 MLB Draft that the club expects to contend for a spot in the starting rotation.

I know the old adage is that a team can never have too much pitching, but by my count, that's 11 potential starters that could make it to the major leagues within the next year or two. Do the Reds really need to make it 12?

While it's true that not every single one of these prospects will make it to The Show or live up to the hype, the Cincinnati Reds have a proven major league talent on a contending team in Jonathan India. With so much young, controllable pitching talent, I'm not sure it makes any sense to add another arm at the moment.