Which newly added Reds prospect has the best chance to make the Opening Day roster?

The Cincinnati Reds added three prospects to the 40-man roster last week.
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Rece Hinds
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Rece Hinds / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds made some additions and subtractions to the 40-man roster this past week.

The Reds said goodbye to Nick Senzel, Derek Law, and Reiver Sanmartin, while also saying hello to a trio of prospects. Cincinnati added Christian Roa, Rece Hinds, and Jacob Hurtubise to the 40-man roster last Tuesday.

All three prospects showed enough over the years to warrant protection from the 2023 Rule 5 Draft, but will any of the three prove to be worthy of a spot on the Reds 2024 Opening Day roster?

What are the chances Reds prospect Christian Roa makes the Opening Day roster?

Christian Roa was drafted in Round 2 of the abbreviated 2020 MLB Draft. That year's draft is sure to yield some odd results based on the protracted five-round format. Roa is no longer listed among the Top 30 prospects in the Reds farm system according to MLB Pipeline.

But that doesn't mean that Roa can't make an impact on next year's team. The right-hander ascended all the way to Triple-A last season and recorded a total of 170 strikeouts in 120 innings of work. But the 91 walks are certainly problematic.

Until Roa is able to keep free runners off the base paths, he's likely doomed to stay put in the minor leagues. The Cincinnati Reds already have a bunch of unproven arms looking to make an impact next season, so Roa will need an exceedingly strong performance in spring training in order to sniff a spot on the Opening Day roster.

What are the chances Reds prospect Rece Hinds makes the Opening Day roster?

Rece Hinds possesses next-level power. When you think of Hinds' power, think of Elly De La Cruz and Christian Encarnacion-Strand. The former second-round pick is in that stratosphere.

But, much like we saw from De La Cruz last season, there's a ton of swing-and-miss in Hinds' approach. The young outfielder did make some adjustments in 2023, and saw a downturn in his strikeout-rate.

That will have to continue if he hopes to land on the Cincinnati Reds 2024 Opening Day roster. Being a right-handed hitter will help his pursuit, seeing as how Cincinnati's best outfield bats are lefties. Hinds will have to outplay the likes Stuart Fairchild and TJ Hopkins if he hopes to grab a spot on the Reds bench.

What are the chances Reds prospect Jacob Hurtubise makes the Opening Day roster?

Of the three players that were selected to the Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster last week, Jacob Hurtubise has arguably the best chance to be on the field for Game 1 of the 2024 season. But, it'll be an uphill climb.

Hurtubise has tremendous on-base skills, next-level speed, and can play all three outfield spots. The biggest deteriment to his aspirations of being on the Reds 2024 Opening Day roster is presence of TJ Friedl, Will Benson, and Jake Fraley.

All three players offer similar skillsets to Hurtubise and bring one thing that the West Point graduate is lacking - power. Hurtubise has gap-to-gap power, but you can forget about the 25-year-old posting tremendous power numbers.

In the end, Jacob Hurtubise probably has the best opportunity to find his way onto the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day roster, but don't discount Rece Hinds or Christian Roa. Spring training is a proving ground for all these players, and competition will be heightened beginning next season.