Nick Senzel holds more value as an asset on the Reds than a trade chip at the deadline

Cincinnati Reds utility player Nick Senzel doesn't get enough credit for the success he's had this season.

Cincinnati Reds infielder Nick Senzel
Cincinnati Reds infielder Nick Senzel / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Several fans have called for Nick Senzel to be traded at this year’s trade deadline. However, his versatility as a utility player has been invaluable to the Cincinnati Reds.

Trading away Senzel would hurt the Reds defensively and hinder their success against left-handed pitching. Senzel brings more value to this team than what he would bring in from a trade.

Senzel, a former first-round pick, is a versatile defender who can play all three positions in the outfield. Though he can play almost anywhere, Senzel has been used solely as an outfielder with the Reds infield virtually set for the future.

Nick Senzel holds more value as an asset on the Reds than a trade chip at the deadline.

Since the move, Nick Senzel has more than held his own at all three outfield positions. According to Baseball Reference, Senzel owns a perfect fielding percentage of 1.000 this season.

In addition to his defense, Senzel has had a great bat against left-handed pitching this season. Facing lefties, Senzel is hitting .333/.397/.561. Senzel has dominated left-handers and cemented himself in the lineup whenever a southpaw is on the bump for the opposition.

Formerly drafted for his elite bat, a healthy Nick Senzel has produced when utilized with a strength-based approach. Senzel is an asset for the Cincinnati Reds and provides manager David Bell with different options down the stretch.

If the Reds decide to make Senzel available at the trade deadline, the team losea an affordable multi-position player that is under team control through the 2025 season. Senzel's role has changed from what the Reds envisioned when drafting him back in 2016, but the 27-year-old's flexibility nevertheless holds his value.

After many injuries and position changes, at last, it would appear, Nick Senzel has found his place on this team. Senzel has proven that he holds more value as an asset on this Cincinnati Reds team than he would as a potential trade chip.