David Bell needs to give Mike Moustakas the Joey Votto-treatment and bench him

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas (9) reacts after striking out.
Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas (9) reacts after striking out. / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

We're about a week into the 2022 season, and a few Cincinnati Reds players have really stood out. Others, however, need to get going and fast. Without overreacting too much, it's time for David Bell to give Mike Moustakas a kick in the pants!

In 2020, Reds fans saw something they'd never seen before. Joey Votto was benched. The former MVP was in a slump, and Cincinnati's manager sat the six-time All-Star for three consecutive games. Maybe Bell needs to do the same thing to Moustakas.

Votto sat for three games during the 2020 season and called the experience "humbling". Well, it's time for Moose to be humbled as well. As a veteran who's taking home $16M this season, Moustakas cannot continue to go out there day after day and not produce.

Reds 3B Mike Moustakas should be benched.

Now I understand that it's early and spring training was shortened due to the lockout, but Mike Moustakas is a veteran of many seasons in Major League Baseball. He should know what he needs to do in order to be in game-shape.

Currently, Moustakas is 1-for-14 on the season. The year before, in which he was limited to just 62 games because of injury, Moustakas hit just .208/.282/.372. Those are not the type of numbers fans or the front office expect from an All-Star caliber player like Moustakas.

Furthermore, Mike Moustakas' defense has been dreadful. When he does play the field, the 33-year-old looks to be a day late and a dollar short. Brandon Drury is a much better defender, and when Donovan Solano returns from the IL, we should expect the former San Francisco Giants infielder to get his fair share of starts at the hot corner.

I'm not advocating that we never see Moustakas in field again, but I'd also suggest that once Jose Barrero returns from the Injured List, the Cincinnati Reds best defensive alignment would be Kyle Farmer at third base and Barrero at shortstop.

David Bell needs to view Mike Moustakas for what he truly is, a designated hitter. That said, with the way he's been swinging the bat to start the season, it's time for Moose to be given several days off in a row.

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Yes, it's very early. And yes, it's a long season. But, if the Cincinnati Reds are going to have any hope of making a run at the postseason, Mike Moustakas must return to the player he was in 2019 with the Milwaukee Brewers. It worked for Joey Votto, maybe it'll work for Moose to