Jose Barrero's 2 days off yielded a much better approach for the Reds shortstop

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Jose Barrero
Cincinnati Reds shortstop Jose Barrero / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Cincinnati Reds David Bell gave Cincinnati Reds shortstop Jose Barrero two days off earlier this week. Kyle Farmer was back at shortstop on Monday and Tuesday versus the St. Louis Cardinals.

Whatever Barrero did during those two days seemed to greatly affect his approach at the plate in a positive way on Wednesday night. While Barrero failed to record a hit, the 24-year-old did record a walk and did not strikeout during a game for the first time this season.

Barrero also sent a fly ball deep into the night sky in the bottom of the ninth. While it looked as though Reds fans were going to be sent home with a walk-off win, Barrero's fly ball, which travelled 333 feet and had a launch angle of 43 degrees according to Baseball Savant, fell harmlessly into the glove of Cardinals' outfielder Corey Dickerson.

Reds SS Jose Barrero had a much better approach on Wednesday night.

According to statistician Joel Luckhaupt, Jose Barrero's strikeout-free game ended his 23-game streak which tied him with Framil Reyes and Tyler Austin Austin for the third-longest such streak by a non-pitcher to begin a season. Former Cincinnati Reds outfielder Adam Dunn holds the record with 32 consecutive games with a strikeout. He did so in 2012.

But beyond Barrero not striking out, the Reds shortstop appeared more engaged in every at-bat and was not just flailing wildly at pitches outside the strike zone. In fact, Barrero had several extended ABs against the Cardinals on Wednesday.

Jose Barrero's first plate appearance that yielded a walk lasted seven pitches. Barrero had an eight-pitch at-bat versus Cardinals' starter Jose Quintana in the fourth inning that ended in a double play.

Barrero faced right-hander Aaron Hicks in the sixth inning and grounded out after three pitches. Barrero's fly out in the ninth innings was a nine-pitch AB. Both of his at-bats in extra innings ended after three pitches or less.

Jose Barrero will continue to get starts at shortstop over the remainder of the 2022 season. Whatever adjustments Barrero made during his time off certainly showed on Wednesday. Hopefully that carries over to the final month of the season.

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