Reds GM Nick Krall looks even more incompetent after Justin Dunn injury update

Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Justin Dunn (35) throws a pitch.
Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Justin Dunn (35) throws a pitch. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

What in the world are the Cincinnati Reds doing? I'm serious! I'm typically a glass half-full kinda guy, but none of the moves Cincinnati has made since the lockout concluded have made much sense. The latest injury update on the newly acquired Justin Dunn makes general manager Nick Krall look even more incompetent.

Dunn was part of the Reds' return for dealing Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suárez to the Seattle Mariners. Dunn, per Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer, is expected to miss a couple months due to a a shoulder injury. This is not a new injury, but one that Dunn suffered last summer. So the Reds brought Dunn into the fold knowing that he had a pre-existing injury.

Reds GM Nick Krall looks completely lost.

This is next-level inepitiude on behalf of the Cincinnati front office. If you're going to deal your All-Star, you had better be sure that you get a decent return. The Reds already made the mistake of attaching Suárez's contract to the deal; effectively reducing Winker's trade value. And now you're telling me that one of the key pieces is going to miss time to start the season?

Dunn was pulled from a game with the Mariners last June and hasn't seen a major league field since. The right-hander was shut down midway through a rehab assignment after aggravating the same shoulder. If Nightengale's report comes true, Justin Dunn will have missed about a year in total.

The big 'get' in the Reds trade with the M's was left-handed prospect Brandon Williamson; a player who fell just outside MLB Pipeline's Top 100 prospects. Nick Krall is also excited about an unnamed player who was part of the deal, the infamous the player to named later. As good as whoever that is may be, it still doesn't absolve the boneheaded move to include Dunn in the trade with Seattle.

I would wager that there were a handful of other players the Reds could've selected from other than Dunn. A young pitching prospect like Levi Stoudt, who has yet to debut in the majors, would have made more sense than Dunn. Or even Seattle's young left-handed prospect Adam Macko. Heck, I'll bet the Reds could have re-united with former first-round pick Taylor Trammell.

We're talking about a deal for a player who's just reaching his potential and still has two years of control remaining before reaching free agency. Jesse Winker was not the player to trade for a fringe-Top 100 player, a rotational outfielder, a injured pitcher, and PTBNL.

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Cincinnati Reds GM Nick Krall looks lost. I know that Krall has his marching orders from ownership, and shedding payroll is part of the club's master plan. But the moves that have been made are inconsistent. Why trade for Mike Minor and his $10M salary just months after waiving Wade Miley? The longer this goes on, the worse the Reds front office looks.