5 truths about the Cincinnati Reds that fans do not want to hear

Sometimes the truth hurts, but Reds fans don't necessarily want to hear all the facts.
Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell and infielder Jonathan India
Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell and infielder Jonathan India / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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5. Young teams like the Reds need more time to develop than some fans want to give them.

Young players oftentimes burst onto the scene and excite the fanbase with thoughts of "what if". What if he's the All-Star we've been waiting for? What if he's the ace of the pitching staff? What if he's the future MVP?

It's only natural, and it happens in all sports. But in the NFL and the NBA, it's not out of the ordinary for a rookie sensation to take off in Year 1 and become a household name just two or three years into his professional career. It's a little different in baseball, and Reds fans are experiencing that first-hand.

The Cincinnati Reds have sent so many rookies into the fray this season that it's hard to keep track. Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Andrew Abbott, Brandon Williamson, and Connor Phillips are just a few names that come to mind.

But this year's Reds team is incredibly young, and it's going to take them time to reach their full potential. That means De La Cruz is going to strikeout four times in a game, Phillips might walk five batters in two innings, or Hunter Greene might give up five home runs in a start.

But don't let one bad game, or even one bad stretch define a young player's career. These players are learning on the job, and there are going to be stretches where you want to bang your head against the wall. But baseball is a game of adjustments, and fans need to be patient and allow the youngsters to figure it out.

In the end, it's talent that ultimately wins out, and the Cincinnati Reds have a lot of it. You could argue that the Reds already have their infield and starting rotation in place for the next five years. It's an exciting time to be a Reds fan, but patience is needed along the way.