3 trade deadline disasters that prove the Reds were right to stand pat

Other than Sam Moll, the Cincinnati Reds stood pat at the MLB trade deadline.
Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jack Flaherty
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The Cincinnati Reds were rather passive at this year's trade deadline. While many fans throughout Reds Country wanted to see their team make a big splash before the August 1st deadline, the only addition Cincinnati made was that of former Oakland A's reliever Sam Moll.

Of course the trade rumors were floating around, and fans heard names like Dylan Cease, Lance Lynn, and even Justin Verlander. But in the end, the Reds stood pat at the MLB trade deadline.

And while there are a handful of examples to point to that involve players having success with their new squad, there are just as many examples of those trades that didn't work out. Which three trade deadline disasters proved that the Reds were right to stand pat?

1. Reds avoided disaster by not making a trade deadline deal for Rich Hill.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were always unlikely to swing a trade with the Cincinnati Reds. It's very unusual to see interdivisional opponents swap players. That said, the Reds and Pirates made a trade this offseason that brought Kevin Newman to Cincinnati.

Rich Hill would've offered the Reds something they've been missing of late - length from their starting pitching. Or so they would have thought. Prior to a trade that sent Hill to the San Diego Padres, the left-hander had already accumulated 119 innings of work.

But since landing in southern California, the 43-year-old has not lasted very long. Hill has gone five innings or more only once since the trade, and has also made an appearance out of the bullpen. In 18 innings or work, Hill has an 8.50 ERA with 23 hits allowed.

Hill, along with Ji Man Coi, was traded to the Padres in exchange for left-hander Jackson Wolf, outfielder Estuar Suero and infielder Alfonso Rivas. Wolf was one of the Friars' Top 20 prospects at the time of the trade.

Seeing how quickly the Reds starting rotation has fallen apart of late, perhaps some of the Cincinnati faithful would still have pulled the trigger on a trade involving Rich Hill. But with the Pirates also sending Ji Man Choi along for the ride, it was unlikely that Cincinnati could have pulled off such a trade anyway.