5 Reds players who won't be on the roster by May 1

The hat and glove of the Cincinnati Reds
The hat and glove of the Cincinnati Reds / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Jose Barrero will not be on the Reds roster by May 1st.

This is one where I hope I'm wrong, but a good majority of the Cincinnati faithful see the writing on the wall. Jose Barrero's time in the major leagues has been marred by too many strikeouts. If he can't get that under control, it won't be long before he's back in the minor leagues.

Much like Nick Senzel, there's an argument to be made the Cincinnati Reds really screwed up Barrero's development by calling him up to the big leagues before he was ready and shuffling him around to several different positions. But this is the big leagues, and excuses are going to get you nowhere.

On the defensive side, Barrero is brilliant at shortstop. He can make all the throws, and with the elimination of the defensive shift, Barrero's defense could be invaluable. If the 24-year-old can maintain an on-base percentage above .300, cut down on the strikeouts, and play elite-level defense, the Reds would have something to hold on to.

If the decision is made to option Jose Barreo back to the minors, I don't think that automatically means that Cincinnati will call up Elly De La Cruz or Matt McLain. With De La Cruz beginning the year on the IL, May 1st seems much too early for the Cincinnati Reds top prospect to make his debut.

The Reds have a veteran shortstop in Kevin Newman and are looking to give Senzel more reps on the infield dirt. Optioning Jose Barrero to the minor leagues is surely on the table if he's not producing during the first month of the season.