4 reasons why the Reds' playoff hopes are not dead with 8 games to play

The Cincinnati Reds are still within striking distance of the final NL Wild Card spot.
Cincinnati Reds celebrate walk-off win
Cincinnati Reds celebrate walk-off win / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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3. The off days allow the Reds to go to a four-man rotation.

The schedule definitely favors the Cincinnati Reds once again. With an of-day yesterday, plus an extra day off on Monday next week and then again next Thursday, David Bell can shrink his starting rotation down to just four pitchers.

Andrew Abbott will get the ball on Friday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Abbott has been shaky of late, but the Reds bullpen will be well-rested after Hunter Greene gave seven innings on Wednesday, and only Sam Moll, Ian Gbaut, and Alexis Diaz entered the game.

Connor Phillips will toe the rubber on Saturday for the Reds and he'll be followed by Brandon Williamson. Hunter Greene will then step onto the mound for Game 1 in Cleveland. With Abbott having pitched on Friday, he'd then be available on Wednesday having received four-days rest.

Phillips would then get the ball in Game 1 at St. Louis with Williamson and Greene to follow. Now, if by some chance the Reds actually secure that final Wild Card spot before the day of the 2023 season, Bell can then rest Greene and start him for Game 1 of the Wild Card Series.

Ben Lively is available to pitch, as would be Lyon Richardson and even Levi Stoudt. But quite frankly, the four starter remaining on the active roster give manager David Bell and his team the best chance to win.