3 Reds players who will become roster casualties on MLB cut-down day

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Reds have already made their first-round of cuts. Left-hander Andrew Abbott, infielder Alex McGarry, and outfielder Allen Cerda were among those reassigned to minor-league camp this past week.

The Reds spring training roster now stands at 61 and Opening Day is officially three weeks away. More cuts will be coming soon, and a few of those are likely to involve players on the Reds 40-man roster.

Every fringe player on the Reds roster will be fearful of seeing a red tag hanging in their locker over the next few weeks, but these three will become roster casualties on MLB cut-down day.

1. Reds RHP Joel Kuhnel will become a roster casualty on cut-down day.

Joel Kuhnel has been through this process before, and it's looking like the 28-year-old will have to endure it once again. After a suffering a shoulder injury in 2020, Kuhnel was designated for assignment. He then re-signed with the club in 2021 and had his contract selected last season.

Kuhnel had moderate success with the Reds last season, and if nothing else, was at least available when his number was called. Still, the right-hander posted a 2-3 record with an ERA 6.36 in 58 innings of work.

The fact of the matter is that Cincinnati now has better pitchers coming up through the farm system who will need a spot on the 40-man roster. While Kuhnel has minor-league options remaining, he hasn't played well enough for any other team to go out of their way to pick him up off waivers if he's DFA'd once again.

Joel Kuhnel is not a pitcher and he may very well find a spot in the Cincinnati Reds bullpen at some point during the season due to injury, but he'll be among the very first players to lose his roster spot on cut-down day.