3 backup plans if the Reds don't trade for Tyler Glasnow or Shane Bieber

How can the Reds move forward this offseason if they miss out on one of their top trade targets?
Cleveland Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber
Cleveland Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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2. The Reds stand pat and enter 2024 with what they've already got

This has the potential to be an extremely unpopular opinion, and yet, there are several fans throughout Reds Country who would absolutely love this concept. After adding Nick Martinez this past week, have the Cincinnati Reds already done enough to bolster their rotation heading into 2024?

Seeing as how fans were clamoring for the Reds to just add a starter at last year's trade deadline in order to turn Cincinnati into a playoff team, the short answer is, yes. But, there's a HUGE cavaet that is attached to this concept.

The Cincinnati Reds, with the addition of Marintez, have seven pitchers who are capable of starting for the team on Opening Day next season. However, none of those players have gone over 150 innings pitched in a single season.

Can the Reds really rely on Martinez, Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, Graham Ashcraft, Connor Phillips, Andrew Abbott, and Brandon Williamson to get them through a 162-game season? That's certainly a gamble.

If the goal is to get an average of six inning per start out of the those seven pitchers, each of them would have to surpass at least 135 innings of work in 2024. Last season, only Ashcraft logged over 135 innings pitched in the major leagues.

There are others like Lyon Richardson, Carson Spiers, and Levi Stoudt who could contribute as well. This backup plan may not be as popular as adding a free agent, but it would allow the Reds to perhaps take the savings and address the bullpen instead.