2 scenarios that keep the Reds' playoff hopes alive and 1 scenario that ends their season

The clock is about to strike midnight, but the Cincinnati Reds still have a chance.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Fernando Cruz
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Fernando Cruz / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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The Reds make the MLB Playoffs even if they lose one more game

Believe it or not, a scenario exists where the Cincinnati Reds could still make the MLB Playoffs if they lose one more game. It involves a lot of moving parts, so hang on tight. Note: This scenario only exists if the Miami Marlins lose on Thursday night against the New York Mets.

Because no one knows how the Marlins versus Mets series finale will end on Thursday night, this scenario could be wiped out altogether by the time Cincinnati takes the field on Friday in St. Louis. If Miami defeats New York on Thursday, this path is out the window.

But, even if the Cincinnati Reds lose one game to the St. Louis Cardinals, there's still a slim chance that David Bell's team can make the MLB Playoffs. Because the Marlins own the tiebreaker over both the Reds and the Cubs, if all three teams end the season with the same record, Miami goes to the postseason.

So, in this scenario, if the Marlins go 0-4, the Cubs go 1-3 or worse, and the Reds go 2-1, Cincinnati would go to the MLB Playoffs. This would put the Marlins finishing at 82-80 and both the Reds and Cubs finishing with a record of 83-79.

The Cincinnati Reds own the tiebreaker over the Chicago Cubs thanks to a winning record against the North Siders during the regular season. If things play out this way, the Reds would face the Brewers in the Wild Card Series on the road in Milwaukee.

W/L Record: Reds 2-1, Marlins 0-4, Cubs 1-3 or worse