2 scenarios that keep the Reds' playoff hopes alive and 1 scenario that ends their season

The clock is about to strike midnight, but the Cincinnati Reds still have a chance.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Fernando Cruz
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Fernando Cruz / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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The Reds are eliminated from the MLB Playoffs if they lose two games.

Last night's loss was a tough one, but in the end it's still just 1-of-162. Fans have a bad habit of pointing out a team's success, or lack thereof during the month of September.

While it's certainly a factor, the simple truth is that the gut-wrenching loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates last week that saw the Buccos overcome a 9-0 deficit counts the same in the standings as Cincinnati's 5-4 loss to the Oakland A's back on April 30th.

The Reds have endured a few different losing streaks over the course of the season that put them in the must-win situation they face this weekend. The Cincinnati Reds have stared down three separate six-game losing streaks this season, any one of which could have torpedoed the team's postseason hopes.

And yet, the Reds remain alive with three games left in the 2023 season despite having an abundance of injuries, a starting rotation made up of four rookie pitchers, and predictions before the season of another 100-loss campaign.

But, if the Cincinnati Reds lose 2-of-3 to the St. Louis Cardinals, or are swept courtesy of Oliver Marmol's club over the weekend, then the dream season is over. Even if he Reds do everything right and sweep the Cardinals, two wins by the Miami Marlins over their final four games would put Cincinnati on the outside looking in.

So while there are those who are ready to bury the Reds' chances of making a run at the MLB Playoffs, you can put your shovels down for the moment. However, the Reds' margin for error is extremely small.

W/L Record: Reds 1-2 or worse