2 players who could be removed from the Reds roster when Nick Senzel returns and 1 who won't be

Cincinnati Reds center fielder Nick Senzel (15) catches a fly ball.
Cincinnati Reds center fielder Nick Senzel (15) catches a fly ball. / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Jason Vosler could be optioned once Nick Senzel returns to the Reds lineup.

After Opening Day, it seemed as though Jason Vosler could do no wrong. Visions of former Cincinnati Reds standout Brandon Drury danced through the heads of the fanbase as Vosler got off to roaring start in 2023.

But once he left the hitter-friendly confines of Great American Ball Park, the luster seemed to wear off, didn't it? Vosler was 5-for-15 at home with a double, a triple, and three home runs. On the team's most recent road trip to Philadelphia and Atlanta, the 29-year-old is 1-for-21 and has struck out nine times.

Here's where Nick Senzel's versatility comes into play. Vosler plays both first and third base. Senzel has plenty of professional experience at the hot corner and has seen time at third base during his rehab stint. In fact, there's a huge contingent of Reds fans who'd love to see Senzel hold things down on the infield.

But, Wil Myers could always be moved from right field to first base, and the quintet of Senzel, TJ Friedl, Jake Fraley, Will Benson, and Stuart Fairchild could take care of covering outfield duties.

Jason Vosler, unlike the aforementioned Brandon Drury, has minor league options remaining. So the infielder would not have to be exposed to waivers in order to clear a roster spot for Nick Senzel. If the Cincinnati Reds prefer to keep Vosler's bat in the lineup, it's likely only until Joey Votto is ready to return from his rehab assignment.