1 top-tier starter the Reds should target during free agency and 2 they should avoid

If the Reds want to shoot for the stars, there are some top-tier pitchers to target and some to avoid this offseason.
Minnesota Twins pitcher Sonny Gray
Minnesota Twins pitcher Sonny Gray / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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The Reds should avoid Twins starter Sonny Gray during free agency

Sonny Gray is going to be a name that's sure to garner a lot of attention, especially from the Cincinnati Reds fanbase. Gray was beloved by the majority of Reds Country and a reunion with the right-hander would be well-received by the Cincinnati faithful.

But re-siging Gray may not be the wisest investment. First, Gray is sure to have plenty of suitors. The St. Louis Cardinals are already said to be gaga over Gray, and it's a surefire bet that the Minnesota Twins will look to re-sign him.

Furthermore, Gray will likely have a qualifying offer attached to his free agent contract. If Gray receives a QO and is signed to a contract by any team other than the Twins, it's going to cost them a high draft pick. That goes against the Reds' philosophy.

There's also the contract demands and age to consider. While the aforementioned Alex Cobb (36) is older than Gray, the Twins' ace is going to be looking for a three-or-four year deal of at least $20-million per season. I'm not sure the Reds want to make a soon-to-be 34-year-old pitcher their highest-paid free agent ever.

Sonny Gray is a solid pitcher, and would likely be the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day starter in 2024 if the club were to bring him back to the Queen City. However, there are better options available, both for the short and long-term that Cincinnati should consider this offseason.