Joey Votto airs Seinfeld-style grievance with former Reds prospect Yonder Alonso

Joey Votto at Cincinnati Reds Photo Day.
Joey Votto at Cincinnati Reds Photo Day. / Sam Wasson/GettyImages

Joey Votto has had quite the spring so far. Not so much on the field, but off. The six-time All-Star decided to join social media for the first time, and at last check, the Cincinnati Reds first baseman has over 65,000 followers on Instagram.

Well, his latest escapade is sure to tickle your funny-bone, as Votto, during an interview on MLB Network, decided to call out his former teammate Yonder Alonso for a blatant breach of etiquette. Votto, much like beloved TV father Frank Constanza during the final season of Seinfeld, went full-on Festivus-style and aired his grievance with Alonso publicly.

Joey Votto publicly called out former Reds teammate Yonder Alonso.

Yonder Alonso, who's now an analyst for MLB Network, received a public shaming at the hands of Joey Votto. The 2010 NL MVP reminisced on a time when Alonso cut in line during meal time during his first spring training with the club.

Votto, in a good-natured way, remembered Alonso cutting to the front of the line in the clubhouse prior to a meal. Votto, with a smile on his face, then pointed toward the camera and said, "That was rude."

Alonso, who never denied that the incident did not occur, publicly apologized to Votto and blamed his lack of decorum on his age. Alonso was 21 years old at the time, and probably didn't think much of it.

Alonso was part of the blockbuster deal that brought Mat Latos to the Queen City. Alonso, Edinson Volquez, Brad Boxberger, and Yasmano Grandal were all traded to San Diego in exchange for the Padres right-hander.

"It was meal time, and we all come in to the clubhouse. And we're all in line. And you're this first-round pick, big league deal, and you cut at the very beginning of the line...And I thought, I'm going to let him know, someday when he's working for MLB Network, that that was rude. That was rude."

Joey Votto, Reds first baseman

Alonso had a fine major league career, hitting .259/.332/.404 over 10 years in the bigs. Alonso had 100 career home runs and 426 RBIs as well as an All-Star appearance in 2017. Alonso finished sixth in the Rookie of the Year voting in 2012.

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Yonder Alonso played just 69 career games for the Cincinnati Reds, but Joey Votto certainly never forgot that one time that the former first-round pick cut in line. The two former teammates shared a good laugh, and Alonso even shared that he was basically Votto's shadow during his time with the Reds; trying to absorb as much as he could from the future Hall of Famer.