Bleacher Report got 'most depressed' fanbases all wrong when ranking the Reds

It can't get much worse, can it?
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jake Fraley
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jake Fraley / Harry How/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Reds are not a good baseball team. After their 3-7 West Coast roadtrip, the Reds have fallen into last place in the the NL Central. This team was supposed to contend for the division crown, but instead they're hanging out the cellar.

One of Bleacher Report's most recent articles was titled Ranking the Most Depressed MLB Fanbases So Far in 2024 Season. If you asked Reds fans, it's safe to assume that most would probably put Cincinnati somewhere in the top-3, right?

Guess again, Reds fans. The outlet ranked the Reds at No. 9, while handing the title of most depressed fanbase to the Oakland A's. While it's hard to debate No. 1 on the list — seeing as how the entire team is moving out of the Bay Area — ranking seven other teams ahead of the Reds is wildly inaccurate.

Bleacher Report got 'most depressed' fanbases all wrong when ranking the Reds

The Reds did get the nod over the Toronto Blue Jays. While Joey Votto has yet to take a swing in an actual game for the Jays, there were definite expectations for Toronto to be among the best in the AL East this season. But after missing out on Shohei Ohtani, it seemed like the Blue Jays entire offseason plans fell apart.

Fandoms that received a less favorable rankings than the Reds Country include the Chicago White Sox (3), Colorado Rockies (4), Pittsburgh Pirates (5), and Detroit Tigers (8). With all due respect to those long-suffering fanbases, the White Sox, Rockies, and Pirates were all expected to finish at or near the bottom of their respective divisions in 2024. And while the Tigers are an improving team, few experts were picking Detroit to win the AL Central.

When matching up expectations and performance, it's hard to argue that there's been a more disappointing team than the Reds so far in 2024. Throw in the fact that Cincinnati hasn't been to the postseason — outside of the expanded COVID playoff in 2020 — since their early-exit in 2015, and there's no way the Reds belong anywhere outside the top-3 on this list.

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