Reds: Javier Baez deserves 5-game suspension after disgusting display

Call it whatever you want; disgusting, classless, nauseating, or off-putting. But whatever you call, it should most definitely result in a multiple-game suspension for Javier Baez. The Chicago Cubs’ infielder’s on-field “celebration” following a walk-off single versus the Cincinnati Reds was one of the more objectionable displays I’ve ever seen in baseball.

Obviously the rivalry between the Cubs and the Reds goes deep, but the rivalry between Chicago’s Javier Baez and Cincinnati’s Amir Garrett goes beyond baseball. These two players just do not like each other.

MLB must suspend Javier Baez after the Cubs’ defeat of the Reds on Monday.

Both Garrett and Baez are fiery competitors and their hatred for one another began in 2019 when AG celebrated a strikeout of Baez, which is not all that uncommon, and the Cubs’ shortstop took exception to it. The back-and-forth between the two resulted in a benches-clearing fracas.

Back in May, Garrett punched out Anthony Rizzo during an at-bat which resulted in Baez jumping out of the dugout onto the field and challenging AG. Garrett was handed a seven-game suspension that was later reduced to five games. Baez received only a fine.

Last night, with the bases loaded in the ninth inning and one out, Javier Baez stepped to the plate to face Amir Garrett and hit a walk-off single into the outfield. Baez immediately turned his attention to the Reds’ pitcher, made a sweep gin gesture with the bat in hand while chirping at AG the entire time. Baez then threw the bat in Garrett’s direction.

Now, before this gets out of hand (oops, it already has) Major League Baseball must immediately suspend Javier Baez for multiple games. Nick Castellanos was suspended for two games for flexing over top of St. Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Jake Woodruff, and AG got five game for mouthing off to Baez and causing a benches-clearing incident earlier this year.

Baez’s actions were uncalled for and MLB must step in. I’m not talking about warning both benches prior to the game, but rather suspending Baez for multiple games. If the league is serious about weeding out incidents when pitchers intentionally throw at batters, this type of behavior myst be quelled.

If Major League Baseball allows Javier Baez’s actions to go unpunished, they’re inviting yet another benches-clearing clash between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. Baez’s behavior was despicable and should result in a 5-game suspension.