Cincinnati Reds: 3 trade packages swapping Nick Senzel for a shortstop

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Nick Senzel #15 of the Cincinnati Reds celebrates as he scores on a single.

DETROIT, MI – AUGUST 2: Nick Senzel #15 of the Cincinnati Reds celebrates as he scores on a single.(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

Might the Reds move on from Nick Senzel this spring?

Some of the moves the Cincinnati Reds have made lately have some of the fanbase scratching their head and wondering if something bigger is in the works. Perhaps a trade for a shortstop? One of the bigger trade chips Cincinnati has is centerfielder Nick Senzel. What might the Reds be able to get in return if they began shopping the former first-round pick?

For the record, I’m not a fan of trading Senzel. I’m quite aware of his track record and inability to stay on the field. However, trading the former No. 2 overall pick seems like a knee-jerk reaction to a crowded outfield rather than a well thought out way to build this team for the 2021 season and beyond.

Switching Senzel from an infielder to the team’s starting centerfielder back in 2019 may have done irreparable damage to the Tennessee native’s development. Blocked by Eugenio Suárez at third base, the front office deemed it necessary to move the athletically-gifted Senzel to the outfield grass.

Since that time, Senzel has struggled to stay on the field. A series of freak injuries allowed the former top-rated prospect to play in just 104 games during his rookie season. Senzel was also absent for half of Cincinnati’s season in 2020 as well. If Senzel can’t stay healthy, it makes sense for Nick Krall to see what he may be able to get in return.

The Reds signings of Dee Strange-Gordon and Tyler Naquin raised a few eyebrows. Were these moves made just for depth or does the front office have something bigger in mind? Shogo Akiyama could start in center field, paving the way for Jesse Winker to start in left field and the duo of Strange-Gordon and Naquin could come off the bench.

While I think we should stop short of saying Nick Senzel is on the trade block, if Krall and the front office are looking to upgrade the shortstop position, Senzel may be the centerpiece of such a deal. Let’s look at three potential trade packages that would involve the Tennessee alum.

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