Cincinnati Reds prospect Blake Trahan sits down with BlogRedMachine

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds have another talented shortstop playing in Louisville.

The Cincinnati Reds finally drafted shortstop Blake Trahan in the third round of the 2015 draft after teams looked at him in the first.  While he projected as a first round pick, the wait was longer. However, after a great career at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, the Reds made Trahan a professional baseball player.

Since then Trahan has also steadily moved up the minor league system.  Last spring he came close to making the team as a back-up shortstop.  Recently, Trahan discussed his love of the game and his place in the Reds’ organization with BlogRedMachine.

(Fans know can follow him on Twitter at @Baby_Trahan )

When did you first think that you could be a professional baseball player?

“It was a dream from early age. I grew up in a small town, small community.  I was the best player on my team. And I know that if I worked hard the dream would come true.  It’s been a dream so far.”

How did the Sun Belt compare to the minors?

“The Sun Belt is a great league.  Every Friday starter is equivalent to an SEC starter.  It compares to being in the minors.”

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How difficult is it to make each next step up?

“As you move up the ladder, the competition really starts to master their craft and the talent level goes up.”  

What’s been your favorite city to visit in the minors?

“They’re all different and they all have their good points.  Billings was a cool place. Completely different from the Florida State League and the Southern League.  I’ve enjoyed every city we played in.”

Which city have you played in that was closest to your home in Louisiana?

“Biloxi, Mississippi”

Over the past forty plus years the Reds have had some of the best defensive shortstops in MLB in Dave Concepcion, Barry Larkin, and ZackCozart.  How do you fit into that mix?

“I fit in that mix very well.  They were all grinders and they showed up everyday.  I looked at the way they played the game. I met Zack a couple times.  I know his personality. Barry’s my guy. I love Barry. I love the person he is.  He is also a had nosed guy and he know’s what it takes to win. He’s a guy that I listen to with full respect.”

To whom do you compare?

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“I don’t know. I grew up in a time when Derek Jeter was the man.  What I took from Jeter was the class that he showed. Just an example of that, his last game he hit a home run.  The first thing he did  after the celebration with his teammates was to tuck that shirt back in. 

I liked Nomar Garciaparra and I also liked Rafael Furcal.  I really enjoyed watching him play shortstop.”

How do you balance hitting vs. OBP?

“You can’t always control where your hits go. When the hits aren’t falling you have to get on base for the guys behind you.  You have to keep working the count.”

Do you feel like the organization focuses on on base percentage?

Yeah.  I do when you look at the top of the organization, it’s the on base king, Joey Votto.  Just having him at the top really helps having him lead the way.

Finally, with Jim Riggleman just named as manager, we have to know, what do you think of him?

I haven’t got to be around him too much.  Really positive guy. He’ll do the job (they need him to do).”

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It’s refreshing to hear a top rated prospect talk about the history of the game with an understanding of those who cam before him and an understanding of what it will be like if he ever makes it to Cincinnati.