Cincinnati Reds have intriguing trade assets heading into Winter Meetings

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The Cincinnati Reds rebuild

The Cincinnati Reds rebuild is almost over. They have struggled in numerous seasons on their way back to relevance. Furthermore, the team has a blooming farm system that has plenty of MLB ready talent. Also, the club is improving in the amateur draft as they have hit on their picks.

With that said, the Reds are building up for the long haul. They look built to last if everything goes well. But, the franchise needs to be more concise and finish the process. Cincinnati has a plethora of young talent and will look to experiment with future assets at the major league level.

So, the Reds should take advantage of the trade pieces they have left. The club could improve their farm system even more with a couple more moves. The Winter Meetings are upon us so there will be discussion no doubt. The front office should have plenty of demand due to the end of the  Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani show.

Billy Hamilton is already getting hits so he will be a hot commodity on the trade market. Also, cheap and controllable closer Raisel Iglesias will get a haul of prospects back. They are still a year or two away after 2018 to make the playoffs. If somehow the team is in the playoff hunt, they’ll at least have trade ammo at the trade deadline.

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The team is a mix of veterans and youth, but the team should audition plenty of young guys come spring training.

The Cincinnati Reds trade value

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How much can the Reds get back in trades? Well, it all depends on the demand for the position as well as control. For example, speedy outfielder Billy Hamilton is a free agent after 2019. At the moment, his salary might get bumped up a million or two for 2018. He made $2.6 million this past season, so it will gradually raise.

He is an on-base threat and can make spectacular catches. Hamilton is one of the best outfield defenders in the league. The Giants just lost out on Stanton, so they’ll most likely turn to the Reds for Hamilton.

The 27-year old’s return should be a duo of top organizational prospects and a lottery pick. Especially in the Giants case, considering their system isn’t one of the best.

In Raisel Iglesias case, the righty should garner a ton of interest. He is very affordable, as he signed a 7-year/$27 million dollar contract in 2014. The right-hander has a base salary of $4.5 million in 2018, and a max of $5,214,285 million according to spotrac. He isn’t a free agent until 2021, so a buyer won’t be getting a rental.

Considering there is a strong emphasis on the bullpen, there could be a bidding war for his services. He could easily net the three best prospects in an organization. Iglesias has great stuff and is under control for several seasons. He would anchor the bullpen as a flame-throwing, reliable reliever.

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The Reds could either boost the farm system or stand pat as usual. The hot stove is burning. Add some spice to it. Everyone knows they’re a seller. So do it. They need to make the most out of the opportunities with their trade pieces. With them almost done the rebuild, finish the job.

You’ve already done it for almost a half decade, so get it done. Cincinnati Reds fans need something to get them through the winter.