Cincinnati Reds are forced to take action in response to Jesse Winker

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds have to do something to clear playing time for Jesse Winker.

The Cincinnati Reds now have four big league starting level outfielders on their roster.  They also have a prospect in Phil Ervin who is ready for a full-time bench role.  That means that they have one too many outfielders.

Last off-season the Reds nearly moved center fielder Billy Hamilton.  This off-season the San Francisco Giants have already been linked to the speedster.  Given that he is arbitration eligible, Hamilton may make the most sense to move.

The Reds could also move left fielder Adam Duvall.  He has a lower OBP than Winker and is mostly a slugger.  He has shown power, but whether the Reds need true sluggers playing in Great American Ballpark is debatable.  Duvall also turns 30 during the 2018 season.

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Scott Schebler would be an interesting choice to move.  He has shown good defense and an ability to get better at hitting left handed pitchers, but he is incredibly streaky.  Given his relative youth, however, it would make him harder for the Reds to consider moving.

Winker isn’t going anywhere.  The Reds have been waiting years for him to get to the majors.  He is an on base machine that the current front office loves.

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The Cincinnati Reds have other options to clear space besides their current outfielders.

Duvall was a corner infielder by trade until he came to the Reds a few seasons ago.  He could move back to first or third, if there were openings there.  Of course, that would necessitate the trade of either National League MVP runner up Joey Votto or third baseman Eugenio Suarez.

Based on the way the way that the NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton is being marketed like a free agent this off-season, it could make sense to trade Votto.  However, he has said that he would not waive his no trade close.  Also, with Eric Hosmer in the free agent market, Votto’s value is somewhat muted right now.

The Reds could trade Suarez instead and have Duvall play third.  Suarez is at a high point for his value.  Then again, the Reds like controllable talent for the rebuild and Suarez is younger than Duvall.

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Whomever they decide to move, the Reds need to find time for Winker in the everyday line-up.  On his way through the minors and in his time in Cincinnati he has shown that he can hit.  Now the Reds need to let him go and do just that.