Cincinnati Reds: Shohei Otani is a free agent target

TOKYO, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 19: Starting pitcher Shohei Otani (R)
TOKYO, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 19: Starting pitcher Shohei Otani (R) /

The Cincinnati Reds progressive rebuild

The Cincinnati Reds are looking for intriguing youth wherever they can find it. With another 95+ loss season, the rebuild is still in the works. Furthermore, this club is reaping the rewards of building up the farm system. They are a top 10 group, and the development of the youth will escalate their future rank.

The future of the franchise is headlined by two-way phenom Hunter Greene who just started playing pro ball, elite third base prospect Nick Senzel, and possible five-tool player Taylor Trammell. The Reds have continued to be dependable on the Amateur Draft front, as they seem to be signing on impact talent every year. Also, the front office has benefitted from over-slot bonuses so far, such as outfielder Taylor Trammell.

With that said, the Reds are still figuring themselves out. They have an abundance of young and inexperienced pitchers, which will improve from start to start. The pitching was terrible in 2017, and that was most likely due because of the rookies. On the flip side, the offense was one of the best in the National League. So there are positive and negative aspects on the team, and adding a young elite player would expedite the rebuild. That’s where Shohei Otani comes in.

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The Japanese two-way star

The Cincinnati Reds haven’t really made a big financial commitment since Joey Votto in 2012. They are also flooded with young, inexpensive players. So why not write a check? In signing Otani, the Reds would not have to blow up the farm to acquire him. This club is in need of another star, and the Japanese superstar could just be that.

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This season, Otani has mashed .340 with 8 home runs and 31 RBI. That seems pretty impressive, and he is still not a full time hitter. On the mound, his career ERA is 2.56 in 84 games. Also, this kid is only 22 years old. Some have deemed him a Babe Ruth type player. But, he will come at a very hefty price, as the posting fee alone is set at $20 million dollars.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Reds “have a legitimate interest in pursuing Ohtani, according to front-office sources.” They are one of many teams pursuing the Japanese stud’s services.

General Manager Dick Williams was in attendance at a game on October 4th. The Reds are the only MLB team to not have a Japanese player. So signing Otani may be a pipe dream.

The overall scheme for the Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds’ future is definitely bright. But they need to bolster the youth now to set themselves up for the next great Reds team. The club has done well to beef up the system, and many of those players will be in the big leagues soon. But for now, a big addition such as Otani would create buzz and speed up the rebuild.

The acquisition is possible, it’s just a matter of dollar signs and fit. Otani would prefer to hit and pitch, so an American League club would be more ideal. But in the National League, he would be guaranteed hitting every fifth day. This team should go all in on the two-way player. After all, they did it with Hunter Greene. Ultimately, if the Reds end up with Otani, he’ll be better off suited in the rotation instead of at the plate.

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