Cincinnati Reds need to review Sal Romano’s season

(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds only have a few weeks to decide whether Sal Romano is starter for next season or not.

After a slow start, Sal Romano had a strong rookie season for the Cincinnati Reds.  He was part of a trio of rookie pitchers that provided stability in the second half.  Now the Reds have to decide if Romano is ready to take on a full-time role next season.

With Brandon Finnegan and Anthony DeSclafani expected back in the rotation the Reds could have a full house.  Then again, they thought that this season.  The Reds have to decide quickly whether to bring back Scott Feldman for another season in support of the rotation.

If Romano is a starter in the Reds’ mind, then they have less of a need in their off-season plans.  If he isn’t then the Reds could use another reliable starter potentially.  Only the Reds know the statuses of DeSclafani and Finnegan.

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It’s about more than acquisition of other options as well.  The players that would be impacted, such as Finnegan and Amir Garrett, also need to know so that they can prepare for next season.  The planning for a relief role is different than that of a starting role.

Sal Romano’s last two starts of the season are the only reasons that his spot in the Cincinnati Reds rotation is in doubt.

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During his last start of the season, Romano was essentially a replacement player.  He went 5 2/3 allowing four runs, three earned.  Romano also walked two and struck out seven.  He allowed seven hits, throwing 113 pitches.

A replacement pitcher is supposed to go five or more innings, allowing three or fewer earned runs.  That Romano went 2/3 of an inning extra and did not allow a home run makes his start a touch better.  His start before that, however, was not as good.

In his second to last start of the season Romano faced the Boston Red Sox.  He only went four innings, allowing five runs, all earned.  Romano only allowed five hits, but one was a home run.

His bigger issue is that he walked four against only three strikeouts.  He also threw 80 pitches of which only 49 were strikes.  That sort of start, even against the Red Sox is not good enough.

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The Reds have to decide if other teams have Romano figured out or if it is just end of the season wear.  They need to pick the right five starters to start 2018.  In any case, Romano is part of the long term future.