Cincinnati Reds’ Adam Dunn takes his first step towards the MLB Hall of Fame

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Reds have nominated Adam Dunn for inclusion in their Hall of Fame and winning that is the first step in making MLB’s Hall of Fame.

Adam Dunn could be the next member of the Cincinnati Reds to join the Hall of Fame, but first he must make the Reds’ version.  The balloting is done on-line.  Fans can vote for Dunn or their favorite, here.

The Donkey, as Dunn is lovingly called by Reds’ fans, is one of the most underappreciated players in the history of the franchise.  He is all over the franchise all-time stats. Some Reds fans just don’t remember.

Dunn ranks fourth all-time behind three MLB Hall of Famers in franchise home runs.  He hit 270 with Reds to rank behind Johnny Bench, Frank Robinson, and Tony Perez.  Joey Votto is only 16 behind in fifth place.

Dunn is third in Reds’ history in OPS.  He is behind the Hall of Famer Robinson and Votto.  Those are the only two people in front of Dunn in slugging percentage as well.

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Dunn is also fifth in OBP.  He ranks between Robinson and the Hit King himself, Pete Rose.  He also trails Hall of Famer second baseman Joe Morgan, Votto, and Dummy Hoy from the 1800s.

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Adam Dunn has done more than just rank in the Cincinnati Reds’ history books, he has done it on the MLB level.

Dunn is a slugger, pure and simple.  His  career home runs rank 35th in MLB history and 17th among left-handed hitters.  Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels is the only active player currently with more career home runs.

The stat that Dunn can really hang his hat on is that he ranks 11th in MLB history in at-bats per home run.

Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins is the only active player ahead of him.  However, the only four left-handed batters in MLB history with a better ratio are Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Jim Thome, and Ted Williams.

There is one stat that old time fans don’t like from Dunn.  He has the third most strikeouts in MLB history.  The two batters ahead of him, though, are Thome and Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson.

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Dunn deserves to be in the MLB Hall of Fame.  However, he should easily get into the Reds’ Hall of Fame on the first ballot.  When he played, he was the best in baseball at doing what he was asked to do, hit the long ball and take walks.