Cincinnati Reds’ left fielder Adam Duvall reappeared to the fans after six weeks of off-season work

Mandatory credit: Kareem Elgazzer/The Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK
Mandatory credit: Kareem Elgazzer/The Enquirer via USA TODAY NETWORK /

The Cincinnati Reds focused the Reds Caravan stop in Louisville around local talent Adam Duvall.

With the Cincinnati Reds’ spring off to such a bad start, it seems like a perfect time to review some fun events from the off-season.

The Cincinnati Reds held the Louisville stop of the Reds Caravan at Louisville Sluggers Field, home of the Louisville Bats.  The stop was built around the reappearance of All-Star left fielder, Adam Duvall, who returned to Louisville at the end of the season.  The only time he came out in front of the media since then was for Reds Fest.

Despite only playing 25 games in Louisville after coming over in the 2015 Mike Leake deal, their is no doubt that the Bats’ fans love the homegrown Duvall.  He started his college career at Western Kentucky University, but he seen as all Louisville, through and through.  Louisville is the only Reds Caravan stop that he attended following his break out season.

In his first full year in the majors, Duvall was the Reds’ only All-Star representative.  He also finished second in the Gold Glove voting thanks to his surprisingly great range as a first year full-time outfielder.  He created the second most runs on the Reds behind National League MVP candidate Joey Votto with an impressive 80.

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The fans at the Reds Caravan appreciated both his local upbringing and his standout 2016 season with a standing ovation.  The fans know that Duvall comes back to Louisville every off-season to put in the work to get better at his craft.  Louisville is home to Duvall and he has repeatedly returned throughout his life.

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Adam Duvall’s road to become the Cincinnati Reds’ All-Star left fielder wasn’t set in stone.

Duvall came over as a throw-in in the Mike Leake deal along with pitching prospect Keury Mella.  Duvall only batted .219 in his late season audition with the Reds in 2015, so he had to prove his worth in 2016.  He beat Scott Schebler, who came over in the Todd Frazier deal, for the left field position by having a much better first month of the season.

Duvall hit 33 home runs in 2016, but ended the season with a .297 OBP.  Going into 2017 Duvall will be focusing on his two strike approach.  He can show that approach off to the Louisville faithful at the end of March.  The Reds will be playing in Louisville on their way home from spring training.

Duvall is the local hero.  Louisville, though, has been home to several of the Reds on their way up to the big leagues.  Joey Votto and Billy Hamilton in particular proved their readiness in Louisville.  This year it appears that Nick Senzel, and maybe even Jesse Winker, will be doing the same.

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Louisville has been a great baseball city for years.  Duvall has lived in that environment his entire life.  It is nice to see the city embrace their native son in front of the Reds’ media and front office.