Reds Stats and Oddities: Paul, LF Trio, Choo


We find some strange things when we look around enough. Some are more apparent that others. Some take only a little digging. When you find that nugget, you have that “Aha!” moment or you have uncovered a factoid which you suspected all along, but were looking for “proof”.

All of these took me by surprise or not so much, but still add an intriguing twist.

Paul and starting

There seems to be some thought that Xavier Paul should be the everyday left fielder until further notice. While he does have the offensive numbers to warrant such, here’s one that you won’t see in many places.

Did you know that yesterday was only the second time this season the Reds lost a game with Paul starting in left? Shocking, isn’t it? The other game was in Washington when the Reds were blanked 1-0 by Jordan Zimmermann and the Nationals. 16-2 in games X-man gets the start.

Another oddity here: Homer Bailey started that game as well.

In any game in which Paul has appeared, the Good Guys are 22-12.

Left field not as bad as you think

With Ryan Ludwick out for, oh, a couple more months and Chris Heisey recouping from re-aggravating his hammy, the trio of Paul, Derrick Robinson and Donald Lutz have performed well. If you wish to look at it this way, these three are the Reds #5, #6 and #7 OF. Paul’s numbers include all games where he has played the position and pinch-hitting appearances are not included for any of the three.

And look here. The other “3” is the same trio versus the composite numbers for the left field position…

May 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; You’ve arrived when your name is on the back of your shoes. (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

Choo…bless you

So if you have an office pool and drew or picked Shin-Soo Choo as leading the Reds in home runs after these 44 games, congratulations! Now, did anyone actually have that? I’m sure some would have selected Joey Votto, Jay Bruce or even Todd Frazier provided you could pick you guy.

We could grouse about the fact Choo is third on the teams in strikeouts (40 – behind Frazier and Bruce), but he’s also second in walks (32 – behind Votto). He is second on the Reds in OBP (.456) and leads the team in SLG (.549).

The superlatives flowing Choo’s way have become second nature in Redsland.

Adding to Choo. He’s been plunked 12 times this season. Wonder how many more lumps this guy can take.

There are currently five teams that don’t have that many. Colorado, Philly and San Francisco have 10. Arizona has 9 and Washington has only 7. Of course, it is worth noting that Choo does crowd the plate a little…but not like Carlos Quentin, who has 4.

And we all know about one of those…