Nick Masset Where Have You Been and Are You Ever Coming Back?


May 25, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Cincinnati Reds pitcher Nick Masset (40) during the ninth inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies defeated the Reds 5-4 in 19 innings. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY SportsHas Nick Masset fallen into a black hole? Has he been beamed up Scotty? Nick…phone home.

When was the last time you have received a serious update concerning the condition of the Reds’ reliever? The man has not thrown a pitch in a baseball game since September 27, 2011. Probably has a little ring rust.

In my prognostications for the 2013 Reds, I wrote that I didn’t feel Masset would pitch at all this season. I will go a step further now and predict that Nick will never throw a baseball in a MLB game for the Cincinnati Reds again, like never.

Are you saying that you think Masset is no good Cliff? No, I didn’t say that, read carefully.

He has been hurt, rested, re-hurt, 15-day DL’d and now 60-day DL’d. Let’s look at the facts.

From 2009 until 2011 nobody in MLB pitched in more games than did Masset. Chicago Cubs’ former closer, Carlos Marmol tied him with 231 to lead the free world. That averages 77 games per season. Good on ya’ Nicholas.

As a setup man he was excellent, as a closer, not so good. In fact, in save opportunities he is 4-18 in his 6-year MLB career. That is not good and yes, you may quote me on that. I submit to you that 22.2 percent is not much good in anything when the goal is 100. Failing four times out of five will not cut the mustard for any hotdog.

The Reds are currently blessed with an excellent bullpen. Having probably the best season of any bullpen member, Sam LeCure can be used for long work, a few innings or to setup a closer. He could even be used as a spot starter if the need would arise. Other than the best season part, the same could be said of Alfredo Simon. J.J. Hoover can give you several good innings and is capable of saving a game, even bailing out the closer, ask Aroldis Chapman. Sorry Chappy, it had to be said, even if I still think you are one of the best two closers in the National League.

Sean Marshall and Jonathan Broxton are both extraordinary setup men and again, both have saved games before. What do I say about Logan Ondrusek? Moving on.

Where would you put Masset if he suddenly healed-up? Right, no place. Nowhere to go, no saves to blow. At best, if he makes a return, the Reds could use him for fodder to fill the cannon of a deal to land a good hitting shortstop.

Here is Nick’s career numbers:

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If you happen to see Nick, tell him to phone home.

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