The Utility Player: Perspective, Frazier and More


Seven games. Repeat after me…seven games.

That wasn’t so hard now, was it? But for some it truly is. Proper perspective potentially gives way to irrational thinking. I say that due to many things I witnessed yesterday. Here is a shortened laundry list of tweets I saw during and after yesterday’s frustrating 3-2 loss to the Washington Nationals.

Two starts into his Reds career and some fans are already jumping ship on Mat Latos. I even read a tweet comparing him to Edinson Volquez.

How absurd. Seriously, it’s just flat out absurd. You can list his 5th inning ERA (which is 27.00), but what about the others innings? For the first three innings, his ERA is 0.00. It rises to 4.50 for the 4th. Sure, you’d like to get more that five innings out of him, but it’s part of the game. He was taken out after throwing 99 pitches.

But Latos was not the sole reason for yesterday’s loss. And as much as you would like to throw Alfredo Simon under the bus due to that wild pitch, he wasn’t the sole reason either.

Baseball is called a team sport for a reason. The Reds didn’t plate a run until the top of the 9th. No runner had reached third base until then either. Until that point, Latos surrendered those two runs in the 5th, no more until the 10th.

I ask, where were the bats? The Reds did not get a runner to third base until the top of the ninth! They had opportunities, too. Here’s the two chances…

Top of the 2nd: Jay Bruce doubles with one out. Ryan Ludwick pops out. Wilson Valdez grounds out. Bruce was not even advanced to 3rd.
Top of the 8th: Valdez leads off with a double. Devin Mesoraco pops out. Chris Heisey strikes out swinging. Drew Stubbs strikes out looking. Again, the runner was not even advanced to third.

Those two innings had the potential to produce two runs (at least) before the ninth inning. Take those two runs, add ’em to the two scored in the ninth, win. It’s not that simple, I realize. The fact I state “two chances” is also kind of scary. Only two? When you fail to make a guy who owns a career BB/9 of 4.5 work a count, that will happen.

One last thing…nice to see UD alum and Versailles native Craig Stammen get the win. He had to work hard. 10 pitches: 9 strikes. Three K’s.

And More Have Me Asking ‘Why?’

And why are some screaming for the return of Yonder Alonso? Where in the blue blazes are you going to play him defensively? Didn’t the Reds go through this whole process during the second half of 2011? They tried him at third and in left. Apparently, the brass didn’t feel comfy with him at any other position aside from his position of first.

The Reds got a guy for that position in case you have forgotten.

And why should anyone ever have to read (let alone tweet) this…

I can only imagine (or better yet, I don’t want to imagine) the string of tweets that led to Mark Sheldon having to tweet this. Seriously, get a grip. Sheldon (as well as John Fay) are willing to provide us with inside info. It may not always be the info we are seeking, but at least show a little appreciation for that which we do receive.

They don’t play the game. They don’t make decisions concerning rosters, game moves, etc. They deliver news about the Reds. If you ask them for their opinion, it may not be what you want to hear, but be respectful on some level.

And while I’m on this issue, just because someone disagrees with your point of view, that does not constitute being a “hater”. I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. People will always have differing views.

Remember when…

Again, seven games. Keep saying that to yourself. Why? You’ll see in the table below.

After the Reds first seven games last season, the Good Guys were ahead of both the Cards and Brewers. We all know how it ended.

Not Following the Logic Here

I guess I shouldn’t complain about the “mothership” when they choose to allow some baseball coverage, but I will.

Today, Albert Pujols held a press conference at Yankee Stadium. I’m still at a loss as to why it received any mention. I know he’s struggling. I know it’s his first visit to New York as a member of the Angels. Here’s how odd the whole situation was…

Presser begins – 9:15 AM
Cut away from presser – about 9:22 AM
Change of topic by mothership – 9:28 AM

Simply amazing. This is clrealy a case of trying to make something out of nothing.

FWIW: Bayless in a Corner

I needn’t say a whole lot about this…

How’d this all come about? Simply go to The Lost Ogle.

Todd Frazier: Utility Player

Here’s how Frazier is faring down in Louisville.

And remember…it’s only six games.


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