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No. I’m not referring to the “race” they have at Miller Park. Although devoting a post to that could be a nice diversion. But spring training is now first gear. The regular season isn’t too awful far off now.

As spring training progresses, numerous stories will evolve from each camp and I’ll bring you the ones that I think (I stress…think) will pique your interest. If they don’t, I won’t apologize because they held my interest. Don’t think I’m trying to pawn this stuff off on you either. I ‘m of the belief that you’ll like them though.

After a week’s departure, I return with some interesting reads for your Saturday evening. Let’s start in Chicago…

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Actually, it’s not so much what Ricketts says, it’s what my fellow FanSider Jordan Campbell notes here.

"One of the key rules in baseball is not to put too much stock into the last month of the season. If you ask me, the Cubs are guilty of doing just that. While I do like the hiring of Mike Quade, it was made off the what Quade did in the last month of the season. No offense to Quade and his managerial skills, but all of those games were meaningless for the Cubs."

As a guy that was plenty used to having the Reds play meaningless games prior to last season, I couldn’t agree more with Jordan on this point. What will Quade do being in charge for a fullseason?

To Houston…

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One thing I always enjoy reading is how fans of other teams view their team. Greg Thurston over on Astro Blog takes a look at the Astros pitchers and catchers. See what Greg thinks and then compare that to how we (quickly) viewed Houston’s staff. Yes, he goes into a bit more detail than we did.

To Milwaukee now…

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With all the Pujols chatter, people are overlooking the possibility of Prince Fielder becoming a free agent after this season. While Ken DeJohn makes some nice points about who could inquire about Fielder’s availability, It might be a bit premature. If the Brewers are in the mix for the division title, I sincerely doubt he gets moved. Of course, if the Brew Crew doesn’t live up to the preseason hype, he could be a piece in which Milwaukee can recover some assets they moved in acquiring Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke.

We move to Pittsburgh…

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While no one can deny the young talent the Pirates possess, there are a couple of voids the Pirates must fill. With Bill Lajoie and Chuck Tanner going to the great ballfield in the sky, Pirates GM Neal Huntington is left with a couple of issues other then the team: his contract status and the losses of Lajoie and Tanner, two confidants to Huntington. Tom Smith provides us this thought.

"It will be impossible to replace the knowledge and skill that those two great baseball minds possessed. Talent like Lajoie and Tanner is so rare. To lose both men is obviously very sad for the families and their extended families–the Pirates fans. But to lose both at such a crucial time is tough on the Pirates organization. It forces some difficult decisions to be made."

One thing is for sure, those that are “chosen” not only have extremely large shoes to fill, but that will go along way to determine if Huntington will be retained.

And to St. Louis…

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Just when you had enough about Albert Pujols, you see this. You scratch your head because some of this can make sense. Some of this has potential, doesn’t it? Some players make sense, others will leave you wondering. All have a justifiable reason for being on this list. Thanks to Christopher Howland.