Cardinals' Jack Flaherty takes cheap shot at Reds' Jonathan India on social media

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India (6) celebrates hitting a double.
Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India (6) celebrates hitting a double. / Meg Vogel / USA TODAY NETWORK

Add Cincinnati Reds second baseman Jonathan India to the list of those disappointed at the lack of progress made during yesterday's CBA talks between the owners and the Major League Baseball Player's Association.

After setting Monday as a deadline for the MLBPA and the owners to come to an agreement, the owners extended the deadline to Tuesday at 5 PM. After the union rejected the owner's "best and final" offer, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred declared Opening Day would be postponed by at least one week.

Cardinals' Jack Flaherty takes shot at Reds' Jonathan India.

Jonathan India took to his social media account yesterday to express his disappointment. The Cincinnati Reds star posted a message saying, "This is just sad." He tagged both the Major League Baseball Twitter account as well as the MLBPA's.

Apparently, that didn't sit too well with St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher Jack Flaherty who responded to India's post with, "tf is this." For those who don't know, tf is internet slang for expressing disbelief. I guess Flaherty took offense to India's post.

India's response to Flaherty's inability to accept the Rookie of the Year's expression of despondency was quite gracious. India answered Flaherty's reply by stating, "I stand with MLBPA no doubt, just a shame we can't get a fair offer."

Flaherty, I assume, took India's tagging the MLBPA in his post as being against the the union. I didn't see it that way at all, but rather the Reds' infielder expressing his unhappiness with the the fact that Opening Day will now be delayed by at least one week.

In the end, there are still large gaps in the talks between the MLBPA and the owners; many, if not all, focus on core economic issues like the league minimum salary, the bonus pool for pre-arbitration players, and the base threshold for the competitive balance tax.

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The player's union is still open to continue negotiations as early as today, and while the owner's suggested that Tuesday was the latest a deal could be reached without cancelling regular season games, the players seem to disagree with that notion.