Spencer Steer's contract extension thoughts will brighten every Reds fans' day

Would the Reds left fielder stay in Cincy for the long haul?
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Spencer Steer (7) bats
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Spencer Steer (7) bats / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the list of Cincinnati Reds players that the fanbase wants to see stick around for the next decade, there's probably about a dozen names that fans will rattle off. Hunter Greene agreed to a six-year extension last spring, but outside of that, none of the Reds' young core have been inked to a long-term contract.

Names like Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Nick Lodolo, Andrew Abbott, and Graham Ashcraft are just a few of the players that Reds Country are hopeful to see stay in the Queen City for the next six, seven, or even eight years.

But you'd be hard-pressed to find a single Reds fan who wouldn't want to see Spencer Steer remain in Cincinnati for the long haul. The former Minnesota Twins farmhand has endeared himself with the fans and his teammates. In a recent interview with Reds' broadcaster Jim Day, Steer was asked about the potential of signing a long-term contract extension.

Spencer Steer's contract extension thoughts will brighten Reds fans' days

During the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast, the affable host asked Steer, "Have you thought about long-term? Like, have they (the Reds) approached you about signing a long-term deal? Is that something you would be interested here in Cincinnati?"

Steer responded by saying that he hasn't had discussions with the Reds yet, but maintained that he'd most certainly be willing to entertain the idea. "Yeah, absolutely," Steer said, "Are you kidding me?" Steer went on to say that he enjoyed playing in Cincinnati and if the offer is put forth and the money is right, he'd sign on the dotted line.

That should come as a no surprise to most Reds fans, but some players have no intention of inking a long-term contract with their current ball club. While the security is nice, oftentimes those long-term extensions are more team-friendly than if the player were to enter free agency.

Currently, Steer is under team control through the 2028 season, and would be entering free agency after his age 30 season. Steer led the Reds in home runs last season, and is one of the most versatile players on this year's team.

The Reds front office will have some decisions to make in the coming years, because there's no way Cincinnati will be able to keep every single one of their top, young players on the roster. Will Steer be one of those players who receives a long-term deal? It sounds like he's hopeful that he will be.

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