These Reds players could benefit if MLBPA gets their way

MLBPA president Tony Clark.
MLBPA president Tony Clark. / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Major League Baseball Players Association dropped their request for free agency to be based on a player's age, but remain steadfast in their pursuit to permit a player's to arbitration window to begin after their second year in the league. Which Cincinnati Reds players would stand to gain should the union get their way?

The MLBPA and the owners were in deep discussion on Monday. While an agreement was not reached and the two sides remain far apart, it is being reported that significant progress was made. One of which being the MLBPA no longer pursuing an age-based free agency.

Which Reds players would benefit if the MLBPA gets its way?

Players will continue to be eligible for free agency after their sixth year in the league. Currently, and it appears to be the case moving forward, players make the league minimum in their first three seasons in the majors.

After their third major league season, players are granted the ability to go through the arbitration process. Some players may reach Super Two status prior to their third major league season. That group of players may be allowed to reach their arbitration window after their second major league season.

In an effort secure more money for the players, the MLBPA is looking to increase the league minimum to $775K and allow players to begin the arbitration process after their second year in the big leagues. If the union is successful, a handful of Reds players would stand to benefit.

Jonathan India comes to mind. The 2021 National League Rookie of the Year will be entering his second season in 2022. If the union gets their way, India could be in line for a nice pay raise next offseason.

India rose to prominence after David Bell moved the rookie up in the lineup. Jonathan India became the Reds leadoff hitter midway through the 2021 season and his performance saw him become a near-unanimous selection for NL Rookie of the Year.

Last year's rookie backstop Tyler Stephenson would make the list as well. After making his big league debut in 2020, Stephenson split catching duties with Tucker Barnhart last season and will be the Cincinnati Reds starting catcher once the 2022 season gets under way.

Infielder Max Schrock would also be up for arbitration a year sooner. Schrock previously played for the St. Louis Cardinals, and would currently be in line to go through the arbitration process after the 2023 season. If MLBPA is able to move up the arbitration window, Schrock could be set for a pay increase after next season.

Two of the Cincinnati Reds rookie pitchers, however, would not be so lucky. Though Tony Santillan and Vladimir Gutierrez made their rookie debuts in 2021, neither one accrued enough service time and both will fall short of mark.

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The same would hold true for fellow rookies Ryan Hendrix, Dauri Moreta, Reiver Sanmartin, Riley O'Brien, Jose Barrero, Alejo Lopez, and TJ Friedl; all of whom have less than one year of service time.