Which catcher, other than Tyler Stephenson, will remain on the Reds offseason roster?

Cincinnati Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson
Cincinnati Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

Tyler Stephenson will miss the remainder of the 2022 season after undergoing shoulder surgery. Stephenson's backup, Aramis Garcia, is also out and currently on the 60-day IL with a fractured finger.

The injuries have left the Redlegs scouring for help behind the plate. Currently, Cincinnati has a catching tandem of Austin Romine and Michael Papierski, but the Reds also have two other catchers on the 40-man roster.

While the offseason will begin sooner than most fans throughout Reds Country had hoped, it's certainly going to bring some question marks along with it. One of which being how many catchers the Cincinnati Reds carry on the offseason roster.

Tyler Stephenson is the only catcher guaranteed to be on the Reds offseason roster.

The Cincinnati Reds front office is going to have a busy offseason. One could argue that as many as 10 players could be added to the 40-man roster in order to protect their young talent from December's Rule 5 Draft.

The roster construction over the next few months will be an intriguing story to follow. Will Tyler Stephenson remain behind the plate in 2023? While there are several fans who'd prefer to see Stephenson replace Joey Votto at first base, that seems unlikely. So with Stephenson assured to be on the Reds offseason roster, which other catchers might join him?

Aramis Garcia will be eligible for arbitration this winter, but with a career-OPS of .589, the 29-year-old isn't going to command a large salary. While Garcia could sneak onto the offseason roster, the Reds have other options.

The team has hung on to Mark Kolozsvary since drafting him in 2017. However, the Florida native has received just 20 at-bats in 2022 and may not have shown enough in the minors this season to warrant a spot on the offseason roster.

Chuckie Robinson is also on the Reds 40-man roster at the moment, but it's very unlikely that he'll even get into a game this season. Robinson is on the roster only because Garcia is on the 60-day IL. Garcia will be eligible to return to the Cincinnati lineup in early-September, at which point the Reds will likely designate Robinson for assignment.

Keep an eye on Reds catching prospect Daniel Vellojin.

A player to watch as the offseason unfolds is Daniel Vellojin. The Reds have a choice to make with the 22-year-old minor league catcher as Vellojin will be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft if Cincinnati does not add him to the offseason roster. Vellojin is probably the most advanced of the organization's catching prospects, so it's a good bet that he'll be added to the 40-man roster.

Eric Yang, who's currently at Triple-A Louisville, will also be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft. Chris Okey was added to the Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster earlier this season, but failed to produce and was DFA'd.

It's a good bet that Tyler Stephenson and Daniel Vellojin will be part of the Reds offseason roster. Look for the Reds to also keep one of either Aramis Garcia or Mark Kolozsvary with the nod going to the veteran. It would not be surprising in the least if Cincinnati looked to sign another veteran backstop this winter.

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