What does the Reds 40-man roster look like after declining Joey Votto's option?

The Cincinnati Reds made some roster moves in addition to declining Joey Votto's club-option.
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto
Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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The Reds 40-man roster is loaded with left-handed hitting outfielders

Many fans probably don't remember this, but Joey Votto actually spent time in the outfield during his career with the Cincinnati Reds. Votto played left field on six occasions during the 2007 season and also logged one-third of an inning in left field during the 2019 season.

Votto, a left-handed hitter in his own right, will now cede his stature as the best left-handed bat in the Reds lineup to one of the many left-handed hitting outfielders. Jake Fraley, Will Benson, TJ Friedl, and Nick Martini all hit from the left side of the batters' box.

But the Reds have some right-handed hitters on the outfield grass as well. TJ Hopkins, Stuart Fairchild, and the recently acquired Bubba Thompson all hit from the right side.

One thing Votto was not known for during his time with the Cincinnati Reds was speed. However, the Reds outfield has plenty of burners. According to Baseball Savant, Benson, Hopkins, Friedl, Fraley, and Fairchild all posted a sprint speed above 28.0 feet per second.

If there's one area among the group of position players on the Cincinnati Reds roster that may receive a facelift this offseason, it could be the outfield. Only Harrison Bader is entering free agency and no longer on the 40-man roster.

Outfielders (7): TJ Friedl, Stuart Fairchild, Jake Fraley, Will Benson, TJ Hopkins, Bubba Thompson, Nick Martini