Wacky roster move the Reds could execute to activate Brandon Williamson from the injured list

The Cincinnati Reds are expected to activate Brandon Williamson ahead of Tuesday's game.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brandon Williamson
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brandon Williamson / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

Technically, the Cincinnati Reds have yet to announce a starting pitcher for today's game against the Detroit Tigers.

However, reports emerged on Monday that left-hander Brandon Williamson was to get the ball on Tuesday in the Motor City and he'd be followed by fellow rookie hurler Connor Phillips on Wednesday.

With the Reds roster undergoing some wild transactions in the past couple of weeks due to a bout of illness making its way through the clubhouse, Cincinnati could employ a rather unconventional method of activating Williamson prior to the game against the Tigers.

Wacky roster move the Reds could execute to activate Brandon Williamson from the injured list.

Brandon Williamson is currently on the COVID-19-related injured list. Williamson, along with Hunter Greene, Ben Lively, Alex Young, Fernando Cruz, and Stuart Fairchild have all seen time on the COVID-19 IL recently. Greene and Cruz has since been activated.

But an obscure transaction could take place prior to today's game that would allow the Cincinnati Reds to essentially carry an extra player for the game. The Reds may return Connor Phillips from active roster in order to activate Williamson.

Cincinnati could then select Phillips' contract and add him to the 40-man roster prior to his start on Wednesday. Phillips, who made his major league debut last week against the Seattle Mariners is currently listed as a substitute player and not part of the Reds 40-man roster.

Of course, in doing something like this, the Reds would just be delaying the inevitable. Cincinnati would have to remove someone from the 40-man roster on Wednesday before selecting Phillips' contract. But delaying that decision by a day would give Cincinnati a bit more roster flexibility.

With three players still on the COVID-19 IL, there's no need to return Connor Phillips just yet. But once the Cincinnati Reds are fully healthy, if the team intends to keep Phillips in the rotation, Phillips will need to be added to the 40-man roster.