This underrated Reds player needs more consistent playing time

Cincinnati Reds left fielder Stuart Fairchild
Cincinnati Reds left fielder Stuart Fairchild / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

The Cincinnati Reds are riding a five-game losing streak, and much of the team's struggles can be attributed to lack of success at the plate. Over the past five games, the Reds have totaled just five runs, including two shutouts at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays.

While manager David Bell constantly shuffles the lineup depending on the pitching matchup, perhaps it's time to switch things up and give some more at-bats to one of his better hitters.

While so much focus has been on the left-handed hitting outfield duo of Jake Fraley and TJ Friedl, fellow outfielder Stuart Fairchild has quietly put together some solid at-bats in 2023 and deserves a longer look.

Underrated Reds OF Stuart Fairchild needs more consistent playing time.

While Stuart Fairchild is hitting just .226 on the season, his on-base percentage (.390) and slugging percentage (.419) warrant some increased playing time. Fairchild has, for the most part, only been receiving opportunities against left-handed pitching.

Seeing as how the Cincinnati Reds outfield is made up of mostly rotational outfielders, this isn't surprising. While Reds fans enjoy watching the likes of TJ Friedl and Jake Fraley, there game actually sets up well for a platoon situation.

But, the Cincinnati fanbase has been clamoring for Fraley to get more at-bats against left-handed pitching. After all, how is he ever going to get better unless he's put into those situations? The same sentiment holds true for Fairchild. How is the 27-year-old going to improve unless given the opportunity against right-handed hurlers?

Two of Stuart Fairchild's three extra-base hits this season have come off right-handers and he actually has an OPS of 1.038. It's a very small sample-size, however, at just 10 at-bats. Fairchild may not be part of the core group of players that the Cincinnati Reds would like to build around, but in this rebuilding season, the team should try to give the Washington native as many ABs as they can.

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