Stuart Fairchild is slugging his way onto the Reds offseason roster

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild
Cincinnati Reds outfielder Stuart Fairchild / G Fiume/GettyImages

While several of his teammates are trying to reinvent their swings, Stuart Fairchild seems to have mastered that aspect of his game. The Cincinnati Reds outfielder, in limited playing time, has shined when given the opportunity.

Fairchild was originally drafted by the Reds back in 2017 but was part of the trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2020 that sent Archie Bradley to the Queen City.

Fairchild was plucked off waivers earlier this summer and has been with the Reds organization since early-May. After a pair of stints at Triple-A Louisville, Fairchild returned to the Cincinnati roster in late-August and the results have been very good.

Stuart Fairchild is slugging his way onto the 2023 Reds roster.

Stuart Fairchild was the only Cincinnati Reds player to crack the Pirates' code last night in Game 2 of the day-night doubleheader. Fairchild ripped the Reds' lone base hit down the right field line in the third inning.

Over his last 10 appearances, Fairchild has served a variety of role. The 26-year-old has played both left and center field, acted as a pinch runner, and pinch hit on multiple occasions. In those 10 games, Fairchild has seven hits in 19 plate appearances with a pair of home runs, a double, and three walks.

During that 10-game stretch, Fairchild has posted a 10.5% walk-rate, 21.1% strikeout-rate, 1.401 OPS, and a wRC+ 275. Those numbers bode very well for Fairchild's inclusion on the Cincinnati Reds offseason roster.

There are several players who are fighting for what will be a very elusive spot on this year's roster. Several prospects will need to be added in the coming months, and Cincinnati is trying to vet some of their more experienced players like Aristides Aquino and Matt Reynolds to see if their play warrants inclusion as well.

Stuart Fairchild has done nothing to hurt his standing on the team heading into the winter, and a few more performances like what fans have seen over the last two weeks would go a long way toward securing a spot on the Cincinnati Reds offseason roster.

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